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I come here to the experts to see if I can get some help. I have an American Flyer Y3 that has problems when the smoke is turned on. Smoke off all is well, sound works lights all work and it runs like a champ. When the smoke is turned on it will not run with the shell on. I removed the shell and with smoke on I turn the throttle the drivers will turn about one third of a revolution in forward, when I turn the throttle again it will repeat about one third revolution. When I  reverse the engine it will only move a fraction, maybe 1/8 of a revolution when I turn the throttle again it will go forward 1/3 revolution of the drivers. The number is 6-48197 Any help here is very much appreciated. I have looked a little farther and I see the motor for the smoke unit is not spinning, could that be the problem.

Thanks  Ray

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Milan, Got the Y3 running today, the motor for the smoke unit was the problem. Received a new motor from Ed at Gold in Hands. Yes those screws are small but I have a set of jewelers screw drivers with magnetic tips. The problem I had was seeing when the holes in the motor lined up with the holes in the smoke unit. All is good now.


Good topic, posts, and follow up.  Thanks.  Be mindful of how much fluid you put in.  Too much and it can  flood over into the adjacent motor and ruin it.  I managed to revive some, but not all.  


S happens


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