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Delivered to our shop and processing orders NOW!  Boy do these look great!


ARRIVED 11/22/21!

Short and sweet - no fluff!  Price $64.99 each.  Two road numbers available.  Want them?  Call / Email to reserve.  Info below ⇓

Screenshot 2021-05-07 150748Screenshot 2021-05-07 151153Screenshot 2021-05-07 151230Screenshot 2021-05-07 151317Screenshot 2021-05-07 151910

The above picture is of a real car from SLHTS Archives Collection.  7-40, Pullman-Standard photo.


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  • IMG-4068
  • Screenshot 2021-05-07 150748
  • Screenshot 2021-05-07 151153
  • Screenshot 2021-05-07 151230
  • Screenshot 2021-05-07 151317
  • Screenshot 2021-05-07 151910
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@Lou1985 posted:

I ordered one of these cars. Fits my modeling era and I don't see too many older logo Soo Line cars available. It'll be a neat piece to add to my fleet.

I'm ordering one, too. Excited to see this. You're right, there aren't many Soo cars with the older logo that have been made. Always liked that logo, and it's what I saw growing up (Soo ran through the area including my hometown), so it's a must-have.

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