Very curious about this.

I've got a RailKing steel caboose that I run with my full O scale equipment that looks full scale to me. Put it next to a Lionel or Atlas caboose and it's basically the same size (even though it's a different prototype)

Has MTH really created different tooling for each slightly smaller (but otherwise identical) RailKing car?
Are just some of the cars made from the same tooling?  (like I think the steel caboose is)

I think the 50' Airslide Hoppers might be the same tooling too.

Does anyone here know for sure?

Rich Trowbridge

GTW Trenton & Western Railroad

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I can't answer for sure about the freight cars. I have quite a few RK cars that definitely look scale and I run them with my scale stuff. They look like older rolling stock when freight cars were smaller than the more modern cars on prototype railroads, like cars from the '20's or '30's. I know that some of the RK locos are early Premier offerings that have been relegated to the RK line as newer more detailed models have been made. I think that is the case with my C-628's. My RK steel caboose is almost identical to my Weaver caboose of like design. I am fairly certain all of the Weaver stuff is scale.

Michael DeSandro

Troy, AL

The word that I got was that older Premier level tooling would be used for Railking. Then new tooling would be made for the Premier level.

I believe this even happened to some engines like the SD series for example. I believe this was stated by MTH some years back?

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