Atlas hoppers and tankers

You all are probably getting tired of my carpet running, but my son and I just love running trains, even without a permanent layout. A pair of Atlas RS-1s pulling Atlas hoppers and 11,000 gallon tankers. And a Sunset 44-tonner pulling Atlas 8,000 gallon tankers (can’t believe it’s pulling 22 tankers!) I love putting together long tanker trains behind early diesels, and long reefer trains behind steam. 

Gotta make room for a larger loop to accommodate those Atlas F-3s that will be here in a few days to pull the CZ cars. 




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If you want a bit more variety in your tankers, look for some Red Caboose 10,000 gallon single dome versions. You can find them on Ebay now and then, and they are in my opinion the nicest proportioned tanker out there.

I can't imagine why ANYONE would be offended by you having fun with your son!


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