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A person requesting assistance in wiring turnouts contacted me. He informed me that he had purchased Atlas switches. I know nothing about Atlas switches.

I wouldn't have anything but a Ross switch! But, my question is does power transfer from one end of the Atlas switch to the next?

on a Ross switch and on a gargraves switch the Frog rails are dead making it easy to wire for 9 derailing. Is the Atlas switch set up the same way?

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Some of the earlier turnout had issues with the internal wiring (thin wires). I don't know how robuse the wiring on the newer ones is.

Personally, I prefer turnouts be isolated so I can decide which routes should be connected to each other. Turnouts make good electrical block break points. The basic Ross turnouts aren't connected so you can set them up as you choose.

You can disconnect/cut the atlas turnout wiring if you/he likes.  I love the atlas turnouts... they are smooth and precise with excellent conductivity ...they also look GREAT.  On the other hand, the atlas switch machine... while it works well very delicate and difficult to work on.  I'm in the process of removing my atlas switch machines and installing tortoise switch machines.  After installing my first tortoise I don't know why anyone would have any switch machine top-side.

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