While unpacking a few boxes after a move to what I can only hope is my retirement house (Dunmovin' Manor), I discovered a purchase I had made many years ago.  This was a group of about 8 Lionel Evans auto loaders.  This brought back memories of how I had once tried to make a complete train of car carriers.  The plastic cars that Lionel put out, and worse yet the K-line bland plastic cars are just not right for my tastes.  Die cast cars are not only slightly too large, but much too heavy to make a complete train.  The past few days I had decided to hunt up 1/48 plastic model kits.  I was frankly surprised at this hole in the hobby.  Not only would I have enjoyed assembling the kits, it would be great for putting together a light enough car train.  Not to mention the ease of adding details such as LED lighting kits as part of the process.  

Am I just not looking in the right place?  Seems like someone should be making $ here at $20-$25 per car model.


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Back in the 60's, Aurora made a bunch of kits for cars that I'm pretty sure were 1/48. Somewhere I still have a Chevy Camaro. They came from the molds that they used for their (failed) line of 1/48 slot cars that I think were only made one year (ah, if only the 0 gauge hobby had not shrunk so much back then!). 

There's got to be some car model collectors group that has a website or forum that could help, or perhaps ebay. Or maybe some Asian company has the molds now. Anyway, good luck, and if you find any please let all of us know.

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There is actually a severe shortage of all models in the 1:48 scale.  Finding enough of military models in 1:48 for American artillery and vehicles is not as easy as it once was.  Find a lot of 1:72 and 1:35 modeling kits.  What happened to 1:48 scale vehicles?

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