Bay Ridge Model RR Club Brooklyn, NY

Thank You- But they are familiar with that. I tried to help, but, only a handful of people interested.  A shame as my Pop painted the murals on the walls and my Uncle was an early President. The remaining fellows are on in years. The type construction and the operating system- I wonder if it can be moved.

I am active- will be at the NYSME show on Saturday- Are you a member of the current Staten Island Club?   If so, we know each other from the shows.


 Thanks again




Tinplate Art posted:

When I was attending Brooklyn Tech HS during 1956-60, at least one classmate was an operator, and I fondly remember a visit. They still have the outside third rail I notice!


The pictures I posted are from when I was in Brooklyn Tech  1970-1974  We had the same literature


Its a shame especially after such a long run. I was at that layout visiting during one of their open house events in the early 1970's. LAter In college I picked up one of my classmates for a round of golf at Dyker Heights, only to find he lived in that same building. Ben is correct nearly impossible to relocate . Salvage what you can and let the building management do the rest. Having to relocate the TMB club layout twice in the past 12 years you always have to start over as the new space will surely provide new dimensions and requirements.  :-(


Ed Perlmutter posted:

I live 2 blocks away and I'll miss it ... however I see someone mentioned NJ Hi Railers.    Visited their space 3 or 4 months ago for the first time and they seem 'well funded'.     Any chance they could be contacted and help at least in some manner?

I am involved in the  NJ HiRailers. Email me

They say that hope springs eternal... the curtain may not fall on the Bay Ridge layout. The Trolley Museum of New York in in Kingston, NY has agreed to take the layout. Moving it will be a feat, but they have set up a Go Fund Me page to raise funds for the move.


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It is great that this layout will be saved and I am glad that TCA has contributed money to help move the layout.  

I think that moving all the wiring, etc. will be an overwhelming task.  Some of the wiring probably dates to 1946 and may no longer be safe.  

I think that they would be better served with starting with new wiring and perhaps installing a command control system.  One reason that clubs age and lose membership is that they fail to modernize their operating systems.    Younger people expect to be able to run trains using smart phones.  The old 3-rail engines can be upgraded to Legacy, DCS or DCC or can be retired to display cases.   NH Joe

Apples55 posted:

The move has begun. National TCA has chipped in to help with the move...

Just for clarification; I know that the Metropolitan Division of TCA (METCA) provided a substantial donation.  TCA National may have or may not have, I don't know; but METCA surely did.  This is one of the good things we do with the proceeds from our car sales:


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