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I have been waiting to buy some of these to store my O Gauge trains for awhile based upon their rave reviews here on the forum.  They have been backordered for a long time and the closest estimate for restock is the end of May or the beginning of June.

Worth the wait?



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@sinclair posted:

First I've heard of these.  Which ones would you use for O trains?  Looks like they are all geared for comics and trading cards.

We've talked about them here for years.  Check the inside dimensions, perfect fit for many O-scale cars and engines.

BCW Trading Card Boxes

Here's a couple of samples of what they look like.

They have multiple sizes of the multi-unit ones, I use these for many sets.


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I use them all the time for trains that do not have OB. Bought a large quantity of different sizes several years ago. I line them with white paper or no print paper towels to take up any slack between train and box. Then label them with address labels. Even purchased a few multi-row boxes for a few smaller sets. Much cheaper than repro Lionel boxes and do a great job protecting the trains going to and from train shows. You will like them.


My O-gauge passenger cars take up a lot of wall display shelf space ... each car ~19 inches long coupler end - to - coupler end.  These BCW boxes with 4 slots each would accommodate my 4-car passenger car sets very nicely and free up a bunch of display shelf space.  However, the longest BCW size I see on the site has internal slot length of only 17-5/8 inches ...

Car body length is 17-1/2 inches.  Other ideas for storing multiple 19 inch passenger cars?

a) Perhaps remove the car vestibules and just cut holes in each end of box and let the couplers extend out the holes?  

b) Perhaps just cut off one end of box and let end of car stick out of box?

c)  Perhaps remove internal row walls in order to place cars inside angled enough to fit in 17-5/8 inch length of box?

d) Perhaps go with something like this filing box which has ample ~25 inch length, but no individual car slots and has excess height ...    Could just layer it with cardboard and put 2 or 3 sets of passenger cars in each box ... or ... cut down height to only accommodate one layer of 4 passenger cars.  So far, this appears to be best option out of the four options listed.  However, must buy pack of 12 boxes.  Likely can get one or 2 boxes somewhere else.

Other thoughts for 19 inch long passenger car storage?


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@Forest posted:

You must be on a different Amazon   I see 10 count for $28.74 and free shipping.

No, same Amazon

I did say, "Cheaper if you buy more of each", but I don't know which sizes I need yet nor what quantity.  Looking at the two sources (BCW itself and Amazon) there is a significant difference in the pricing for small quantities AND large quantities. 

The multiple compartment one that John showed above (3200 count) is not $6.49, it is $19.46

Even in quantities of 2 they come out to $15 each.

I think I'll wait and figure out an order.


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@Forest posted:

IF this helps the 800 count boxes are 14" inside and the 930 count are 16 1/4"

660 count are 11 3/4" good for most Post War freight cars.

@Forest posted:

I just assembled and measured these boxes.  Above post shows 930 count as 16 1/2:  but I think that is stretching it a tad.

I use the 930 count BCW voxes for non-vista dome LIONEL ~15" aluminum passenger cars and they fit comfortably.

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