Does anybody know if the flex track can be bent to 038?  It's for a dummy siding with a sharp curve.



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Hi Joe,

You can pretty much bend it to what you want. Just make sure you make a jig for what you want and go slow and easy. It takes time, as I had to do a lot of it on my old layout.

it could, just use globes and use a 0-31 curved track as a jig. and space the ties before bend it.


Bend and screw it down as you go as Jim says but be sure to continuously straighten and respace the ties as you go too.


Thanks everyone

I thought I read somewhere that it could only be bent down to a certain radius but couldn't find that information anywhere. 38's a pretty sharp bend.



You can bend that stuff as tight as you want, but as everyone advised above take your time and work it gently and slowly.

Here is a picture of the jig we used to bend Dual Gauge track down to an O-80.

We cut a jig and then attached that to another piece of plywood.
3-4 ties were removed from each end.

Next, the track was bent from about 6" inched from the end of the track slowly bending and working the ties.

When installed we will have lines drawn to follow and will work from one end to the other.




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