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Wow guys, so many nice box cars and so many nice layouts....Very Creative.. SIRT, Great weathering and a great layout. Moonson, so Real looking...Your simply an artist...Trumptrain, you have an awesome layout to, many workers....Briansilvermustang, your pictures of Model and real are amazing..Eric Lindfren is simply Phenomenal....There are many others also....Wow...6DB81771-376B-40D6-A564-BFED8C46F7EEB62F66DC-B5CF-4590-86BE-224699ED64CA9E03E82C-6CB7-4CF9-8DF8-F81DCF296F0C



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leapinlarry posted:

Wow guys, so many nice box cars and so many nice layouts....Very Creative...... Moonson, so Real looking...Your simply an artist......

Really very, very nice hearing this from you, Leapinlarry, about my efforts. Being referred to as such is beyond gratifying!

And let me say Thanks to my fellow hobbyists who have sent me "Likes" for my photos posted on this topic:

Lou N; gandydancer1950; trainroomgary; PRRronbh; trumptrain; briansilvermustang; leapinlarry.

Thank you!



briansilvermustang posted:
PRRronbh posted:
briansilvermustang posted:


Brian, any idea to the location of this shot???

    no luck finding out where I found this at, sorry......

Using a Google Chrome browser, you can right click on the image and select "Search Google for image" to locate the original image with attribution.  The results also list web pages displaying the image. 

What, me worry?

Here is my favorite boxcar.  My dad use to say it was named after him.






Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!  Author Sherry Anderson


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