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I am excited to announce to the forum membership and readers of our magazine that John Brady and his crew at Brady's Train Outlet have come aboard as sponsors of the forum and advertisers in the magazine!  Some of you already know about them and their large selection of all kinds of trains in several different scales.  John also offers everything you would expect and is needed to enjoy our hobby.  His store is extremely attractive as well as his website and is well organized to give you a pleasant and fun shopping experience.  We encourage you to welcome John and invite you to visit Brady's Train Outlet .  Thanks John for being part of the OGR family!

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John and his brady trains travels to many distant train shows, like our Greenberg Edison, NJ show. He will deliver at the show to save shipping. His web site has a used, previously owned section with some very good deals. Shipping is reasonable. John has a warehouse full of many hard to otherwise find items since he has been around for many years, very experienced. Some of his special runs are exceptional, found no where else. john even had a black friday discount code, something not all on line and brick store shops do,

I only learned about Brady's Trains last week when I saw a video of their custom run Big Boy.  I wish they could run it again as I feel its the best version of the Big Boy ever put out.  Fantastic!

Welcome to the Forum!

Follow us on YouTube! We will be uploading more videos soon. We've been so busy with Black Friday etc. that we hadn't had time to upload some yet, but will be doing so this week!

John's store is about an hour-and-a-half drive for me, but I definitely will pay him a visit in the near future. Thanks for your support of the magazine and the forum, John, and welcome aboard!

Awesome! Let us know if you do!

If anyone wants to visit our store and look at an item they see online, just let us know a day in advance and we can have it available for you at the register.

We also do layaways / payment plans.

Welcome aboard!

Thank you for supporting the OGR world,

I checked out your website and I was very impressed by its layout, organization, navigation, and content.

I will plan a visit to your shop from here in the Finger Lakes area of upstate NY in the springtime - after the Vette comes out of hibernation.

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