There are a few buildings that should be made that relates to other buildings and railcars they already have out.  A  high school to go with the school bus service building.  A hospital as related to the police headquarters building.  A large coaling facility/building to go with all the coal hopper cars they have out.  A town square court house, etc

  You ever notice poor Jack always has to wait outside all these Menard buildings. Just like the real store.  Home Depot lets my dog in but they don't have trains.  Justice for Jack!


High Plains 3 Railers at the 

Sherman Hill Train Show

Cheyenne, Wyoming

May 16th and 17th 2020



Ross posted:

Lowe’s or Home Depot! 😄

Though I have no idea if any of these ever existed where Menards now exists, they could always do Rickels, Channel (both existed on Long Island when I was growing up in 70's-80's), Builders Square or Hechingers (both existed here in Southeast PA when I first moved here almost 23 years ago).  None of those exist anymore, so don't exist as any sort of threat to current business. 

Of course, I have no idea how rights to such names would impact making such things.  Someone probably owns the names "just in case".


I wouldn’t mind seeing a line of passenger cars be released.  Combination or baggage cars, sleepers, dining, vista domes, and observation cars.

Maybe a different livery every year or two?

I also wouldn’t  mind seeing more scale vehicles like cars, pick ups, station wagons, and tractor trailer rigs that are to scale.  Everything from the 40s to current.  I know they have some but, in my never to be humble opinion, not enough.  Lol

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