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I really enjoy featuring a least some Christmas-related train photos in our Dec. issue, especially in our Readers' Rails section. After all, trains--and especially 3-rail O gauge trains--are a long-standing Christmas tradition in the U.S. and elsewhere thanks largely to Joshua Lionel Cowen. But, in going through my files of "stuff" for the upcoming 2018 December issue, I find that I really have little or nothing season-related that is suitable for publication.

If folks reading this post have what they feel are good hi-resolution images of their Christmas trains from the past year or so that have not been published elsewhere, please consider sending one or more to OGR. Each photo published will get you $50 and two comp copies of that issue of the magazine. I'm really looking for more than simple oval-around-the-tree shots, but I'm not going to rule out anything that is of publishable quality and which might interest our readers, including folks who pick up the magazine for the first time and browse through it at a newsstand. One of your photos might be just the thing to ignite the spark in that person's mind and inspire him or her to buy an O gauge trainset to start their family's own Christmas tradition. And, as well all know, most of us got our start in the hobby that way.

If you have an image or even multiple images you might like to share, please send it/them, along with some caption information and your full name and mailing address, to me at

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Ottawa_Marc posted:

What about Halloween? !

A bit too late for Halloween photos at this point since that issue (Oct.) is already at the printer. Working on the Dec. issue now.

Keep those Christmas train/layout photos coming! A VERY easy way to possibly make some $ for an additional boxcar or accessory.

I'd love to participate occasionally since I have hundreds of images because of me changing my Christmas layout every year.  Sadly I only have either printed pictures (from film but I tossed the negatives) and more recently from a small point and shoot.  My largest image is only 4mg and I know that's way too small for you guys.

I too enjoy seeing what others are doing for their holiday layouts

Hope you get many contributions Allan

- walt

walt rapp posted:

....and more recently from a small point and shoot.  My largest image is only 4mg and I know that's way too small for you guys.

- walt

Send one along as an e-mail attachment, Walt, and I'll let you know if the size is too small. Can't hurt to try! I know you're a BIG-time Christmas layout and trains guy.

eddie g posted:

You know what, It's only AUGUST. Please don't rush the year away.

Sorry, Eddie, but the magazine business doesn't work that way. I 'm working on the Dec. issue now.

Besides, it kind of reminds me of some guy here who is always about six months ahead in trumpeting the York Meet, when an announcement a few weeks in advance would do quite well for most in our audience.

Back to the original intent of this post: Thanks to those who have submitted photos already. Some good ones in the bunch. I can always use more, so don't hesitate to send a photo or two, especially if you have something that you feel is a bit different or unique.

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