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Several years ago I picked up a supply of 0 gauge snap track from RMT on what I thought was a going out of business sale. The price was good and I started the  process of replacing my 0 gauge tubular track with the new snap track which looked much more realistic (30" and 40" lengths).  RMT ran out of most lengths of track and I found myself looking through EBay and other sources which seem to be drying up. I did notice that 0-Line seemed to be marketting RMT stuff but so far no track (except switches which I found at Trainz at a reasonable price). Now that RMT is not going out of business are snap tracks going to be manufactured again, I would like to buy half-sizes as well as special snap track that allow connections to regular tubular track.



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Hi John,

I too have been using the SuperSnap track and like it very much. You really do not need the special adaptor sections to go from Snap track to regular tubular track if those sections are not available. When I use the tubular track in tunnels I just break off the snaps and add the pins. Actually I've used pins on all the Snap track sections. One place where I made a mistake that caused a low grade short was in not removing the little metal connector that extends under the center rail of the Snap track. That metal piece hits the black tie of the tubular track and causes a low grade short. Took some detective work to find that out so I'm hoping you don't make the same mistake.  

Ed Kazarian

The possibility for more track is there at least, but it maybe be too soon too.

I think the K-line track is compatible too?. I thought it was the original source of that track?

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It’s all K line molds. If you flip over the track from RMT, it still says “k-line” molded in the bottom of the ties. Since it’s standard o gauge tubular rails, it directly converts to “regular” track. You don’t need all the sizes of it, just cut it to length with a Dremel and pin it together like plain old track. 


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I wouldn't be holding my breath for any of the previously made RMT products to be issued again anytime soon, including the snap track. I've been told by a couple of people with connections, that the new RMT products are being produced by the same facility that produces the trains for Menards.

This appears to have some validity, because if you look at the photos on the RMT website, they bear a striking resemblance in appearance and features (including different car numbers) to the products being offered by Menards. The box car is nothing like the shorter 6464 type produced previously, but instead looks just like the Menards one including the painted door guides. The shorter "Bopper" hopper now appears by the photos, to be identical to the 4-quad hopper being offered by Menards. Some of the woodside reefer cars previously made by RMT were quite popular (the A&P one comes to mind... the ones sold under the O-Line banner went fast). Yet there are no woodside reefers being offered now. Ironically, Menards as of date, has no offered reefer either.

The one product mentioned not being produced by Menards is the ore car. But given that RMT produced the shorty PEEP passenger cars, not from new tooling, but from cutting the body shell on the K-Line Madison style passenger car (a very clever and ingenious idea at that!), I can't help but wonder if the same idea wouldn't be applied now to the longer quad hopper body.

Well, it all remains to be seen. I personally doubt that Kader would allow another facility to use tooling and dies under their ownership, but who knows. Or can RMT compete with the price and service offered by Menards on what visually appear to be products from the same dies?

Time will tell. You read a lot of comments here concerning totally new products that NEED to be made. Yet I don't see anyone stepping up to the plate, taking the huge risk, starting a new company, and investing the hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes to bring just one single new product to market from new tooling. 

One thing for certain: They (RMT) feel confident enough (no small task in this current train market) to have some new product made, and have already announced some different roads not thus far offered by Menards. That alone is worth a thumbs up.




The 0-Line switches arrived and mate perfectly with the 0 gauge snap track I already have. The switches are also brand new as is the packaging so can I assume these items are still being made? The price charged by Trainz is also pretty reasonable.



John F posted:

The 0-Line switches arrived and mate perfectly with the 0 gauge snap track I already have. The switches are also brand new as is the packaging so can I assume these items are still being made? The price charged by Trainz is also pretty reasonable.



No, they are not currently in production. You simply bought old new stock from Trainz, which is constantly buying collections for resale.

It’s possible the track could be made again if RMT arranges to have it produced, but no one is sure if that will happen, since the tooling isn’t controlled by RMT.

Jim R. 

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