It's half way through the month, so I put up a mini Christmas display for the weekend to celebrate "Christmas in July".   You'll notice in the photos that the MTH RealTrax is 2-Rail.  I ripped out the center rail of some scrap pieces of O-42 and O-54 curves to see what it would look like.  BTW, everything is static, and there was no power hook-up to track or the holiday display buildings.

Looks very nice.    Mmmm, a harbinger of 2-Rail O Scale for me in the future? 

Anyone have any photos of July Christmas set-ups?

OGR 2-Rail RealTrax XMAS01

OGR 2-Rail RealTrax XMAS02

OGR 2-Rail RealTrax XMAS03

OGR 2-Rail RealTrax XMAS04

OGR 2-Rail RealTrax XMAS05

OGR 2-Rail RealTrax XMAS06

OGR 2-Rail RealTrax XMAS07

OGR 2-Rail RealTrax XMAS08



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shorling posted:

To get the full effect you need to watch the Hallmark channel.  They are doing their annual Christmas in July shows.

That's part in parcel why I did the temporary layout.  The Hallmark Channel is one of the networks that my mother's television is always on .  So visits to her this month have always included me spending some time watching those syrupy shows that cater to her demographic. 

It was also the Hallmark Ornament Premiere this weekend.

Not as exciting as some previous offerings, but it's the Scout/Tender and a Caboose for the full size offering this year.  (Southern F3 minis, but they aren't until October)

(They are true to form in being just as un-remarkable as the actual Scout engine )

Oh, almost forgot!  Nice display work!




                            Christmas layout stays up all year here... 






                          have a " Merry Christmas"  in July everyone 




    in fact,  the tree is still up,  either lazy or early...


                                   really, do I have to do this...


      and  no,  Izzy didn't get any coal in her stocking,  she's been being a good girl !








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Thanks for all of the photos that you folks posted.  Love the Santa outfit Brian 

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