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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

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I am going through a phase of rediscovering my old G scale stuff.  The track was looking pretty rough after ~40 years.  I took some of it and left it in a bath of vinegar and salt for a few minutes and then rinsed and scrubbed with soap to remove it all.  it seemed like an easy way to improve its appearance quickly and then taking a little Brasso polish on the top of the rail to really clean up the contact surface.  An example of what I did is below.  There are some hints of pink on it in spots, but it looks much better to me.





I plan to use this track indoors still on the floor and want it to look nice.  Is there a better way to clean the track than this?


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Thanks for the response Joe!

I don’t use screw rail joiners, so I was thinking the rail joiner clips were also getting cleaned when submerged to help reduce voltage drops from poor connections with them.  I wasn’t excited on having to do multiple track feeds on temporary layouts if they were bigger, currently have this set up going on with standard dc power.



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