I am getting ready to run a conventional engine on my DCS powered layout. Track one is powered by the 1st Variable channel on my TIU. This is the track I will run the conventional engine on.  I have been through both of Barry's books and use WiFi for control.  Nowhere do I see a reference to changing the Variable channel from fixed to variable.  Did I miss that in the instructions?  Or does selecting the TRACK Function take care of that when selected?  The operation seems pretty straightforward other than the fixed variable setting.. Whats up Doc?

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There are a couple of ways to do this.

!. If you just want to use the Variable for one time, just bring up your Variable channel and press softkey TZV. When you power down the TIU it will go back to being FIXED.

2. To make it always Variable:  Menu / System / DCS SETUP / Variable 1 / FXD softkey to go from FIXED to VARIABLE.  

Ok thanks. I tried conventional set up per Barry's book, used the Track selection  and when I selected  Variable one I see the program  switched the Channel to variable from fixed.   So next problem.  Power is on track and when I select the track and adjust the  control the lights in  my passenger cars dim and I can adjust the brightness, BUT when I hit the direction button the power drops out and the only way to recover is to cut power to the TIU not just the Variable channel.     What's up DOC?

John and Joe.   You got me thinking, " WHICH IS DANGEROUS"   So I fired up my android tablet and the "TRACK"  conventional,  system works as advertised!!   😊  Tried mini pad again no luck.  John that RED button is locked out on my program.   But when I hit the  RED button with DIR on it it does a emergency stop.   I deleted and reloaded the App in the IOS tablet and still no luck🤦‍♀️  So  I'll keep  fooling around  with the IPad, but there are some  benefits with running conventional with one table and DCS trains with another.  Thanks for your inputs

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