This is on the bold seaboard  air line rr between monroe and charlotte n.c.I live pretty closse to these tracks.While I was in the area I decided to ask a CSX employee.He told me yes they are add to the siding.When done it will be 3 miles long.CSX is trying to do some thing about the bottle neck.On that part of the rail road.And to think it took only 48 years give or take a day or two.

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I watched several trains go thru there over the years when I would go down there. You can hear the horn coming all the way thru the city and gives time to get down to the tracks. More time coming in one direction than the other, I seem to remember? The grandkids would yell to me that they heard the horn if I didn't.

I have a picture of a special switch that was installed several years back. I posted it here to find out what it was. The mainline rail is not cut and the siding cars hop over the switch. Now I forget what it's called.


I believe this is right off of Monroe Ave in Charlotte?

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!


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