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Saw pictures of the Railking versions of the First Responders, and Law Enforcement engines. Looks like they're missing some of the charity logos (could be mistaken). Could MTH have been unable to get permission to put them on? I hope they're on the Premier versions (preordered all 3). If not, may have to look into getting the Lionel versions.


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So I picked up the Railking 911 unit and I can confirm that there are no charity logos on the engine. Although it should be noted that the rendering of 911 in the MTH V1 2020 catalog only had one of the two charity logos that are on the prototype. The Premier version also only has the rendering of the one logo, so I think it might be fair to guess that charity logos will not be on the premier version.


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What about Employee Pride CSX?  How many jobs have you eliminated and will continue to do so just to please the investors while many customers don't receive the service they expect, deserve, much less pay top $$$ for?

CSX has an attitude problem and there's no way I will invest in any model(s) that represent CSX Transportation!

The EMPLOYEE PRIDE AC6000CW scheme was applied over a decade ago. They have had many new presidents and CEOs making severe decisions since then.


falconservice:  I apologise for my negative post.  Sorry.

I have discovered Danny Harmon's distantsignal channel on YouTube and see what a dynamic railroad CSX has become.  Impressive.  I railfanned CSX in it's early years in Florida with my late best buddy and it put on a real good show.  Impressive.  Add the Amtrak trains that served Tampa Union Station and the TECO trolley operations (who would have ever thought streetcars would return to Tampa?), a large Cuban sandwich and Coke (Reg.U.S.Pat.Off.) from the Silver Ring restaurant in Ybor City and the day was complete!

I do miss the original multi-color painted diesel fleet.  On the other hand, I see a lot of C&O showing through in the current blue and yellow though.  Not bad.

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