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Daily Notch6 Podcast from LCCA Convention in Indy

Derek Thomas is planning to host daily podcasts from the Lionel Collectors Club of America's 44th Annual Convention to be held July 20-26 at the Marriott East Hotel in Indianapolis IN.  Every evening, starting on Sunday July 20, Derek will host a podcast at with a convention recap of the day's events  and informative and entertaining interviews with key people in the hobby.  Derek is planning to broadcast highlights of OGR's Ed Boyle's presentation about Lionel's MPC Royal Limited Set.  Tune in every night and listen to various interviews with key people in the hobby and members of Lionel's team such as Mike Phillips, Mike Reagan, J. Don Reece, and new Lionel President Howard Hitchcock.  There will be plenty of surprises and new announcements.  Visit every night for a new and exciting episode from the LCCA Convention.  For a schedule of events an tours visit www.lionelcollectors.orgg. Thank you Derek for hosting these daily podcasts from Indy!
Al Kolis
President Elect & Special Events Manager
Lionel Collectors Club of America
248 709-4137
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