I don’t do much DCS operating, but thought I’d try DCS with the WIU to run the LCT #8 and #9 LCT trolleys (both are ps2). I can’t get the App to “add” the engine, though. It works great in conventional mode, but can’t add it in DCS. I can add other engines, no problem - Just these. I feel like I’m missing something very obvious. Any suggestions?

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Kill the power to the engine when it's running. The sounds should play the full shut down sequence to show the battery holds some charge. I don't really know what the trolleys have for sounds though. 

What do you have for control? DCS remote? App?

There's an engine signal strength test built right into the DCS system to tell you how strong the signal is.

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

Sorry for my delay....

just for confirmation, the trolleys I’m trying to run are 11-2025-1 and 11-2026-1.

I’m using the app - no remote. And I’m on my under-the-tree layout (still needs to come down!). 
My engines that connect to DCS no problem show strong DCS signal strength in the app. 

I replaced the MTH battery with a BCR and ran it for awhile in conventional mode to confirm operation. Shut down test confirms good BCR.
Switching over to DCS, the app still cannot find the trolley. I can add other engines, but the app cannot find the trolley at all. 

Could it be that these engines do not operate in DCS mode despite being PS 2?

next thing will be trying this on a test track

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