I have a small layout and am running DCS with a new Rev L TIU.  I know, and have used, the “star” wiring method with each lead going to a single isolated block in previous layouts.  I am now using a small dog bone on carpet and and I would like to run two power feeds, one to each end, without making the dog bone into isolated blocks.  I realize that this "may" cause DCS communication problems, but I want to try it.  My question to those with more knowledge and experience with DCS is, will trying this pose any risk of damaging the TIU or an engine?  I would think not, but would like to hear the voice of others more experienced with DCS than I.

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No damage. Try it!

If it struggles to communicate, break the loop of track in one spot so that the signal doesn't double back on itself. The 2 wire sets on each end may actually make this worse. That may force you to make blocks.

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Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

I'd say go ahead and try it. Never hurt any of my equipment. Before I learned how to properly wire for a DCS system (thanks to Barry's book), I had 2 or 3 temporary layouts wired with one or two power feeds and no blocks. Didn't hurt any of the equipment, but I got lots of DCS errors. I also have a Rev L TIU.

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