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My Legacy NYC Geep was acting erratically. Starting, stopping sputtering. I was worried if the board was going .....I knew the track was not an had been recently cleaned.

Luckily, I thought...........could it be the wheels?

I put the engine in a cradle. First, I cleaned the rollers; then, the wheels.

I was amazed at what I found......


It runs fine, now!

Since I typically run engines for a few weeks and then put them back on the shelf, I need to get into a habit of regular wheel cleaning when the run time is done.....



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@Putnam Division  Peter, good suggestion on keeping Locomotive wheels clean.  I also started out cleaning wheels with Q-tips.  Later I discovered inexpensive microfiber rags (14" x 14" Cleaning Towels) work very well and one of them can clean a lot of wheels.  They're also great for all kinds of cleaning tasks, even track.  I usually find them in packs of 10 or more at home improvement stores.  When they get too dirty, they go in the laundry and then get used again, etc.

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