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I have an Electric Railroad DC Commander that works fine but doesn't have any sound.  I talked to Ken last week at ERR and he said to send in just the sound board.  I received the new board, but there is still no sound.  I imagine that the sound board isn't receiving what it needs from the main board via the sound board connector.  Does anyone know where I can get the DC Commander checked/replaced now that ERR is gone?

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I do not think it is the DC Commander unless the header is not providing AC power or you have it connected wrong.  The RailSounds sound board is stand alone.  If it does not see the serial data it would start up and play sounds in conventional.  G

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Thanks for the pictures.  I tried the pot adjustment but there was no change.  I was hoping to find the pot turned all the way in one direction or the other, but it was right in the middle with no change in either direction.  I will be in the Bay Area late next week and am lucky enough to be able to drop by the plant in Santa Clara to have them take a look at all three boards to see where the problem is.


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