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Charlie this is very enjoyable. I live up in Monroe LA. I have been living her for about a year and the people up here have gone through a massive flood back in March. I was one of the lucky ones as well. I have an apartment and have been thinking of building a small layout to run some of the MPC/Postwar items I have collected over the years. I mainly collect 3 rail scale, but when I want to run any of that I need to take up the whole apartment. You have given me some great ideas from this. 

23c  9-21-2016 

More On New Addition Train Board           revised 4-29-2023

Fellows thanks for the responses.  Ace- years ago I did a write up on the original layout and submitted to CTT.  They are interested in bigger layouts or more scale like or what ever.  I thought of starting this running post on how I started small and added a little each year for 30 or so years that others may get encouraged start, even it means just drawing plans and picking up used track, switches, engines, buildings etc if they have no space or a little space under the bed !

Conrail5056- I used to go to TCA train meets in Shreveport when I lived in east Texas.  TCA has a twice per year meet in Ponchatoula, LA since Katrina flooded out the New Orleans TCA meets.  That is about the only show l go to now as I quit going to Houston and other far a way meets and GATS shows.

As I stated I hope to inspire others, who plan and dream and save for that big great layout, to just get a small plan that is expandable and portable and get started.  I never planned on having more than 4 used cheap engines and started with just few Marx switches and used 027 track and make something to run at Christmas for the kids.  I usually had a punch list from the Christmas running as access to under the layout is impossible when on the floor and some projects could not be gotten to during the winter.  I then forget about trains until November or so and made corrections and additions at that time for the coming Christmas.  I would hit trains shows when I could in the winter.  Trains were just one of my interests that include kids activities, repairing the house, yard work, boating and water skiing, tennis, golf, shop, tools and vintage stereos.  I found limiting train interest to a few winter months kept me from losing interest allow train enjoyment to span 30 plus years.

Only recently have I added more trains and accessories, added the layout addition and built a garage/train/stereo man cave !  Since the train room is air conditioned and shop and garage are not, trains get more attention in the summer.  Being retired now has also helped.

A recent photo of the overall L shaped layout with New Addition.  I see another project to paint the background on the tunnel that was added when two sections of background were removed to open up the room view.

Train Overhead views 9-21-016 2016-09-21 010

View from control panels, 1 operator, or 2 or 3, one for each LW trans. Small TV monitor for x-10camera car for engineer.  The TV feed also goes to a larger 55" flat screen TV on the wall to the right.

Train Overhead views 9-21-016 2016-09-21 027

View of backside of New Addition

Train Overhead views 9-21-016 2016-09-21 013

Here is a 2016 video of the layout operating in the new train room with the new addition.

I do not know why my videos show the trains running much faster than the actually were running.



Images (3)
  • Train Overhead views 9-21-016 2016-09-21 010
  • Train Overhead views 9-21-016 2016-09-21 027
  • Train Overhead views 9-21-016 2016-09-21 013
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Train movies 6-13-2016 2016-06-13 003
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Post 24      9-27-2016          updated  3-10-2021

New Addition Track Plan and Active Track Diagram Control Panel

New Addition Track Plan

The New Addition track plan includes an extension of the original lay outs outside loop.  The New Addition outside loop is incorporated with a double reversing dog bone and loop which allow reversing trains on this inner loop and on the outside loop of both train boards.  A siding provides storage of trains and bypassing the double dog bone tracks.  This New Addition train board initially has two accessories being a milk car unloading platform which gets lots of attention from young grand kids and operating ice skating pond.  Later, a Lionel Icing Station will be added between the original and new addition train boards.


New Addition Active Track Diagram Control Panel

The New Addition has its own Lionel LW 125 watt transformer and own Active Track Diagram Control Panel with block switches for track sections, Marx switches and accessories. The New Addition can be run as a stand alone Layout.  Its construction is similar to that of the Main Active Track Diagram Control Panel seen in Post 8, page 1 of this topic.

A selector switch on the panel allows the new addition “Orange” lighted LW to control the addition or lets the outside loop “Green” lighted LW transformer the whole Addition board.  There is a selector switch on the main control panel that selects the “Green” LW to control the outer loop of the Main layout board  and the “Red” LW to cont rol inner loop of the Main layout board providing control by three engineers.  The other position of the Main control panel selector switch allows the “Red’ LW transformer to control all the track on both Main layout board and New  Addition layout board.


Picture above of the New Addition train board control panel with and active touch track plan diagram.  This train board can be operated with the orange lighted LW to the right.  This New Additional train board can be operated with the Green LW or with the Red LW located at the Main control panel.

New Addition Control Panel   (20 in X 9 in) Mini Switch Inventory

(Key:  Mini Push Buttons = PB,  Slide Switches = SS

Active Track Plan Diagram           

Turnout PB     uncoupling PB     Track sect SS           

       23                      8           11

Side Switch Panels

Mini Push Buttons     Slide Switches

                7                           7

One can see there is enough room for two operators at the left and that both control panels are close enough for one operator to work both control panels.


Picture Below of Orange LW New Addition Transformer and Control Panel Switches on left

TRANS selector switch to chose Orange or Green Transformer to control New Addition

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 108

Picture Below of right side of Control Panel switches   Brown transformer is HO d/c transformer for Trolley on main street.

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 118

More details in later posts



Images (3)
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 108
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 118
  • IMG_1405
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Post 25   10-4-2016

Homemade Operating Ice skating pond on New Addition

I built a small operating Ice Skating Pond and it was located near the new Addition outside loop.  This location gave the opportunity to install a Rail Road Bridge.  The ice skating pond is on the farm.  The ice skating pond was made from a pane of glass painted white on the bottom.  It was attached to a pond  shaped cutout in the train board.  An old Barb B Q rotisserie motor (all I had at the time) was used to power a 7 inch diameter, ½ inch thick ply wood disk with 6 round, 1 inch disk magnets that were recessed and glued into the plywood  (I would now use a microwave table rotating motor with a 4"dia lazy susan bearing to support the disk as the motor would be quieter).  It was installed very close to the bottom of the glass pane.  Radio Shack small ½ inch dia. magnets were glued to the feet of the skaters with epoxy glue making sure all had the same magnetic polarity pointing up the same.  The skaters were from Plasticville people sets and other sources of toy figures of roller or ice skaters, ballerinas or dancers.  The magnets all had the opposite polarity of the rotating disc to make sure they attracted each other.

New Add & Nite 8-27-2016 2016-08-27 002

The mini Christmas tree lights on the bridge provide lighting for the Pond at night.

New Add & Nite 8-27-2016 2016-08-27 021

Ice Skaters in Action  (note Ice Resurface Zamboni Machine)

Bar B Q rotisserie motor that drives the plywood disc with the magnets.

New Add & Nite 8-27-2016 2016-08-27 023

There are several commercial made ice skating rinks or ponds available for much less trouble but they would not be as much fun to build as this one.  They are too big for my location.  I now have one but have not installed it because mine is recessed under my bridge and most of them are above grade.  It Is also too large for my available space.  I use it at Christmas as a holiday display.

New Add & Nite 8-27-2016 2016-08-27 025

New Add & Nite 8-27-2016 2016-08-27 026



Images (6)
  • New Add & Nite 8-27-2016 2016-08-27 002
  • New Add & Nite 8-27-2016 2016-08-27 021
  • New Add & Nite 8-27-2016 2016-08-27 023
  • New Add & Nite 8-27-2016 2016-08-27 027
  • New Add & Nite 8-27-2016 2016-08-27 025
  • New Add & Nite 8-27-2016 2016-08-27 026
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I am with you.  I just salvaged a motor from a microwave turntable and pull parts from those type gear including power cords.  30 years ago the Bar B Q motor was all I had that was strong enough at the time.  A 4"dia lazy Susan bearing to support the disk as the motor would be needed with the microwave TT motor but no big deal.  That motor would be strong enough for sure and quieter.

Post 26   10-10-2016

Train whistles and Diesel horns   (revised  1-4-2023)

For many years my steam engines were plastic body Lionel 2-4-2 and did not come with whistles in coal tenders.  My early diesels were a Marx 1095 and Lionel 219 FA which did not have diesel horns.

So I installed a junker Lionel steam whistle in a building with open windows on the original train board and I installed a Bachmann HO Shell Oil Storage Tank that has a diesel horn in it on original train board.  Real Oil Storage Tanks come in lots of sizes.  I added another junker Lionel whistle and diesel horn on the new addition when built.  I put a button to operate each on each end of the both control panels each near the Lionel LW train control transformers for easy access.  Both control panels have buttons for horns and whistles on both boards.  This allows me to have whistles and diesel horns no matter which engine or coal tender is on the train board.

I find the Lionel whistle is much more reliable in a building because it does not have a middle rail pick up and a DC relay like when in a coal tender.  They do not require train transformer power and good transformer diodes for DC voltage.  It is just wired directly to the whistle motor.

Many of the Diesels that have horns (F3, etc.) that require batteries.  I hate batteries in trains as they will leak and usually have expired when I get around to operating them.  I have too many engines to bother with batteries including the newer ones that are required for electronics.  Do not get me started on batteries for tools!  Have too many power hand tools to mess with dead batteries when I get around to using them.  I have several long extension cords that reach all over my lot.  Battery operated tools are great for house construction and for using them often or daily.

The layout transformers do not have to have a working whistle or horn button meaning I do not have to maintain the diodes in the transformers to made DC.  None of them work on my 3 LW transformers and I do not care.

Today I often buy locomotives without the coal tenders and coal tenders without whistles, often at a much lower price.  Whistling coal tenders also are heavy dead weight (not on the engine drive wheels), waste amps, and slow down the trains.  Only one or two of my diesels has a horn installed.

One can not tell where the whistle or horn sound is coming from.

New Addition- Whistle in yellow factory, Diesel Horn in silver Oil Tank

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 063

Original Board - Whistle in train depot

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 055

Original Board - Diesel Horn in silver Shell oil tank


Close up of Bachmann Shell Oil Tank


Whistle and Diesel buttons on New Control Panel

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 116



Images (5)
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 063
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 055
  • IMG_0055
  • IMG_0280
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 116
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Oh no!

I'm tender about messing  with whistle tenders.

They keep my 2 Evans auto loaders full of heavy die cast from string lining and spilling coal and water all over!

Then again, you did slip an Adriatic and a gunfighter car onto the thread, 2 of my all time favorites, so I'll forgive you for trying.

(And I do have plans for similar, but only if I find a loose whistle cheap enough before I find a tin whistle house )

Post 27   10-13-2016

New Addition Main Street

I wanted a1950's small town main street.  I bought Plasticville buildings by mail to be the Main Street.  Main street has a bank, fire station, police station, small super market, K-line Hardware on one side of the street and small train station, passenger car dinner and milk unloading platform on the service side of the street.  A trolley barn is at the end of the street.

The street has street lights.  The milk unloading platform has flood lights for night action.

Overall Main Street Picture

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 024

  Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 087

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 088



Images (3)
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 087
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 088
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 024
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I had family around Lookout Mt., Mount Mitchell, and Ashville NC. I spent two great summers and a winter there in the mountains making friends and sipping home brews.  Beat the heck out of crowded Florida beaches IMO.

I read there was about a thousand of those Rock City Barns, all painted by one guy. In exchange for the free paint job and some usable promotional goods like pens, pencils, and thermometers.

Post 28    10-18-2016

Roadside Diner for Main Street Siding

The most fun building to make for the Main Street siding is the diner made from an American Flier passenger car body picked up at a train show for a few dollars.  The S gauge car shell was just the size for the smallish Main Street.  A base or foundation was made from 1/8 inch Masonite and covered with brick paper.  Two 12 mini Christmas tree lights were hung from the ceiling for illumination.  Parchment paper was used for windows and silhouettes were drawn with a fine Sharpie.   An exhaust fan was added to the roof along with a sign saying “Jake’s Diner”.  My fathers nickname was Jake.



The hardest part was getting the diner steps to fit in the base.




Images (2)
  • IMG_0113
  • IMG_0114
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For a second there,  I thought that refer was the diners fridge. But with all the business I see inside, it must just be time for a fresh food delivery. And through the one window, I looks like there is an open booth open for Blondie and Dagwood to grab a sandwich at.... His sandwich eating style doesn't go over so well at the counter I suspect

(another gem Charlie)

Charlie, Very nice... everything from salvaging a cheap car to your Sharpie skills, the nice foundation to the lighting. When I saw it, I thought of the "Bubble Boy" episode of Seinfeld where Jerry autographs one of his 8x10's with, "There is nothing finer than being in your diner." Maybe your diner needs such a slogan (every company has a slogan nowadays!) to drum up some more business. 


"Apply brakes here" ; an excessive bunch of those signs would work

Actually slogans were huge for ads in the early to mid 20th century.  Graphics more  the focus for the last 30 years. But Ive noticed a resurgence in slogans too. Maybe more jingles are next too??   Remix Jerry"s notes with "Carolina in the morning" musical notes?Lol..

I loved doing slogans when I was into commercial art; but most "modern" businesses balked, seeing any at all as "unprofessional". Most just wanted an artist to draw their logo ideas. Not "art" or proven technique either. The same prudish thinking that got lots of "see rock city"  barns removed by Ladybirds law. * Sigh* Only in a boardroom is fun a sin


Post 29a    10-28-2016   revised 10-30-2022

Other New Addition Areas - Industrial, Local Train Station, Farm, Air Port, Microwave Tower

The area behind the main street is industrial with factory building (has Lionel whistle inside, see water tower added to roof), freight station and an American Flyer water tower with painted red and white checker board (it was a junker).

Train layout & room 1-19-2015 019

Station Plasticville and Bachmann HO Oil Tank with diesel horn

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 032

One dog bone loop has a farm which has the Ice Skating pond on it.

Train layout & room 1-19-2015 025


A picture below of the farm shows a microwave tower.  This was made from a junker Lionel microwave tower structure without the top part. It was painted red and white.  The housing was made from the cover of an old ac relay.

A 3v mini Christmas flasher light was painted red and two 3v white mini lights were placed in the antennas and one 3v bulb was put in the housing.

The four 3v mini bulbs were wired in series to add up to 12v which matches my lighting voltage.  The antennas were from some plastic toy.


The other dog bone loop has a Plasticville Airport and Hanger. I got these in a box of Plastiville at a garage sale and just could not put them all on the layout.  Picked up a few Lionel diesel generators at a train show and the Airport and Round house are typical spots for them.

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 026

This area has had other buildings here from the box of Plasticville building kits.  There is a Frost Bar drive in, my favorite, on the corner of the layout and a Oscar Myers Weinermobile .


Plasticville buildings are great especially if you want to get building on a layout fast.  I would still be building them if I made them from scratch!

More New Board pictures ,on the floor with Christmas tree. This was common for two months per year, from 1977 to 2011 before the new train room.





Images (9)
  • Train layout & room 1-19-2015 019
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 032
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 026
  • IMG_0118
  • Train layout & room 1-19-2015 025
  • IMG_1905
  • IMG_9857
  • IMG_9691
  • IMG_9853
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Post 29b 10-30-2023  (Revised 11-16-2023)

Installation of the Lionel 6-12703 Icing Station between the Two Train Boards

The Lionel 6-12703 Icing Station as locate between the original and new train boards.  The track serving the Icing Station is the outside loop of the original train board.  A Lionel Refrigerator Car 19823 is filled with ice blocks from the Icing station.  The Icing station is not screwed down and left movable to allow adjustment of the distance from the Icing Station and the track with the Refrigerator car so the ice blocks can be directed to the hatch on the top of the car.

Icing Station, Lionel  or 6-12703, Refrigerator Car 19823

Ice Station Pic 11-16-2023 2023-11-16 013Ice Station Pic 11-16-2023 2023-11-16 014

Ice Station Pic 11-16-2023 2023-11-16 011



Images (4)
  • IMG_0187
  • Ice Station Pic 11-16-2023 2023-11-16 013
  • Ice Station Pic 11-16-2023 2023-11-16 014
  • Ice Station Pic 11-16-2023 2023-11-16 011
Videos (1)
Ice Station video 11-16-2023 2023-11-16 001
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Ive seen those dishes before, but even after hours, i can't recall what they are from.

Doesn't that cover make that a relay tower?

Hey I've got that trailer too. But no cover slats.

  You know, two years ago I was short an outlet for Christmas lights on my little tree layout. I wanted a set lit along side the rails. No outlet, but I had plenty of lights, so I clipped off two strips of 8 lights each and used them off the track power, lol.

Chasing a burnt one is still the pits though, luckily, you can likely use an ohm meter on those "if".....knock on wood.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes that makes it a mcirowave relay tower.

Finding burned out bulbs is often a problem especially the colored ones where seeing the filament is harder.  I use multimeters all the time for testing bulbs, batteries etc.  I have several mostly the cheap Harbor Freight ones in the house, shop, garage and train room.  I even keep one in each car to check garage sale speakers for ohms and a burned out coils.


Post 30a    11-15-2016   (revised 1-8-2023)

Trolley for Main Street

A trolley track was added to Main Street.  HO gauge Bachmann trolleys were chosen and are easy to find at train shows.   This is a 027 TOY train layout so HO gauge is in the running.  HO gauge is on the small size, S gauge is about right (20% less than O) and O gauge is a bit too big.  This trolley line was built in the early 1990s.  I have since picked up a Lionel O gauge trolley but it would overwhelm my Plasticville more or less S scale buildings.  On my Main Street, I like my smaller trolleys and like my 027 and O gauge trains to be bigger and overwhelm my building.  It is all about the trains !

Trolley 4-14-2023 2023-04-14 003

The HO track was recessed in the street and an HO gauge switch was added near one end to allow two trolleys to go into an HO trolley barn.  The switch is remote controlled from the new control panel as well as a track selector slide switch to activate the live track section in the barn.

An HO DC transformer is used for the trolleys and is on the right of the new addition control panel.

The fun part of the trolley was figuring out how to stop and start the trolley at each end of the Main Street line and how to reverse the DC polarity on the track and the ends automatically like the bumpers reverse the Lionel O gauge Trolley.  First I cut the one HO track rail about 7 inches from each end to give a section that would be un-powered and stop the trolley at each end of track. These end track sections also must be powered with the correct polarity to restart and reverse the trolley.

A trolley timer/controller was made from a small 1 RPM gear motor similar to those that power a micro wave oven turntable, which are easy to find in street trash on trash day.  A cam disc was sawed out of ½ inch plywood with high humps and lower sections.  Two micro roller armed single pole double throw switches were mounted together to act as an double pole double throw switch and wired in an X to switch track DC polarity when activated.  This allows the trolley to start and run to the other end of track which is dead.  The timer allows the trolley to stay there for about 30 seconds.  Then the micro DPDT switch is activated by the timer cam and that end of the track is powered up with DC that has the polarity reversed and the trolley takes off for a 5 sec run to the other end track, stops and stays there 30 seconds until it is activated with the track with reversed DC polarity and off the trolley goes again.

This was a fun project to figure out, build and to watch operate.

HO Trolley Barn at one end of the Main Street Trolley Line

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 112

Trolley Line HO Switch

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 014

HO DC Transformer for Trolleys on Right side of New Addition Control Panel

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 105

Trolley track is in the middle with two red switch buttons and slide switch to cut track power

Train Lots 5-10-2016 253

Trolley Timer to Run and Reverse Trolley - Brown Box to right inside New Addition Control Panel

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 010

Trolley Timer Wooden Cam and Double Pole Double Throw Roller Micro Switch

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 005

Overall View of Main Street and Trolley Line

Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 024



Images (8)
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 112
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 014
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 010
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 005
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 024
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 105
  • Addition Traint 9-26-2016 2016-09-24 102
  • Trolley  4-14-2023 2023-04-14 003
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Post 30b          1-14-2023

Layout Train Operating Capabilities

A major objectives of building this Traditional 027 Postwar Period Train Operating Model Train Layout starting in 1977 was:  

"A major objective of this layout was to make the track plan and layout active and challenging to keep the engineers busy with operation, switching of multiple trains and including many operating accessories, all to keep up interest in running trains and improving the layout."  I wrote this objective after my brother and I lost interest in our childhood layout after only having it under the Christmas tree two weeks a year and though it had a oval and figure 8.  The below descriptions of Train Operating Options show I met the building objectives.

Picture of Total Layout below

Train Overhead views 9-21-016 2016-09-21 010

The Active Control Panel Diagram pictures below show the track plans and all the push buttons, to operate the layout of the two major train boards that make up this layout.

Track Diagram of Main Train Board (1977) Below (Red, Green and Yellow push buttons are for the 31 Marx track switches and Blue push buttons are for uncoupling/accessories)

Control Panel Main 12-28-2022 2022-12-28 016

Track Diagram for New Train Board (1988)   Below


Train LW Transformer Selection

A transformer selector switch on the Main Control Panel allows the Red Lighted transformer to operate the Whole layout or switched to allow Red lighted LW transformer to operate the inner loop and the Green lighted LW to operate the outer loop.  When a New train board was added, to make the Layout an L shape, another Transformer selector switch was add to the New Control Panel that allows Green lighted LW to control the New train board or to allow the new Orange lighted LW to control only the New Train board.

Train Lots 5-10-2016 256

Major Train Operating Capabilities Used

Single Train on Whole layout – Ultimate freedom of operation for one train on Whole layout, with access to 31 Marx switches and even with up to three trains occupying three sidings: The train can reverse in Outside loops with New train boards Double Dog Bone and reverse, using the Wye, on Outside loops.  On the Main inside loop, with the figure 8, allows reversing in both directions and running the figure 8 and the oval.  The Main train boards Inside train, running Clockwise, can traverse and reverse from Inside loop of Main board, to Outside loop of Main board, through Wye to New board Outside loop or vice versa through 5 switches in a row

Two Trains – One train on Main Inside Loop with reversing in both direction with oval and figure 8: second train on Whole layout Outside Loops with reversing in both directions with Double Dog Bone and reversing in Wye by backing up in one direction.  Possible for the trains to swap positions and have Inside Loop move to parts of outside loops and vice versa.  This scheme is most used on the layout,

Three Trains – One train on Main Inside loop, with reversing with oval and figure 8, one train on Main outside loop, with two sidings, one hidden and one train on New board with reversing on double dog bone. It is possible for some trains to swap positions and have Inside Loop move to parts of Outside Loops and vice versa.  This operating scheme is easily converted from the Two Train scheme above by just putting in service a train like the Operating Car train that is normally on the lower siding on the New train board.  Three trains running loops is most often used when I have visitors to layout as it shows lots of train running action.

Four Trains – 2 Trains on 1 track loop, for Main Inside loop. And 2 trains on 1 track, loop on Main Onside loop and/or 2 trains on 1 track loop on Outside loop on Main board and the Outside on New board

Five Trains - 2 Trains on 1 track on two loops. -  2 Trains on 1 track loop on Main board Inside loop and 2 Trains on 1 track loop on Main Outside Loop and 5th train runs on New board to loop or run and reverse on the double dog bone.

Reversing trains on Inside loop of Main board with oval and figure 8, on New board with Double Dog Bone    and on Outside Main and New board with Wye

Layout Sidings – Main train board has outside loop 2 sidings and New train board, has 2 sidings but use of one for train storage will block the use of the double dog bone for revering although the Wye can be used for revering.

Switching cars or making trains on inside main board, one outside main board and/or new board with 18 uncoupling sections

Turntable operation allows swapping engines or providing engines for new trains and storing engines

Turntable operation allows reversing engines and cars

Use of Accessory Operating train on Main inside board

Use of Accessory Operating train New board

Reversing trains on Inside loop of Main board with oval and figure 8, on New board with Double Dog Bone and on Outside Main and New board with Wye

Commodity Movements and Operating Accessories

Load logs from log loader to log dump car and dump logs to lumber mill and make lumber

Load coal from coal mine to coal car

Load ice from Lionel Ice Station to refrigerator car, to bad Lionel did not make a hatch on the milk cars to hold ice blocks

Load transport cattle from one pen and unload in second pen

Unload milk cans from two milk cars to two milk platforms

Unload barrels from car to barrel loader, transport and load barrels from barrel loader to another barrel car

Unload logs or coal from car to dump receiver

Uncoupling /dumping – numerous sections around layout

Load oil drums from AF oil drum loader

Gantry Crane - Remote controlled - Unload and load canisters, Mercury capsules, covers for covered gondolas, flat car and gondola car loads

Load water from water tank to coal tenders by hand

Operate wrecking train with wrecking crane car

Operate trolley on Main Street

Operate Ice Skating rink

Operate Civil war 4-4-0 engines and cars

Track Maintenance train

Operating track tie ejector car

Operating gang cars

Control Tower with moving operators

Gateman operating

Switch tower with man down steps

Blimp with lighted moving message sign

Beacon tower

Oil Well Derrick

Blinking micro wave tower

Ducking Giraffe car train

Christmas train


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Post 31   1/28/2017,  latest modification 6-26-2022

Installation of remote operating Lionel 12834 Gantry Crane

Been slack in posting on this thread with the holidays and recently the flu.  I am back now!

I obtained a remote operating Lionel Gantry Crane 12834 awhile back.  I got a good deal as one of the crane legs was broken off, just up my alley.  A little epoxy glue fixed that.  It took some time to install with the crane controls having to be added near to the turntable control and with in reach of the crane.

The Gantry Crane controls within reach of the crane, and are shown at the bottom left. as shown below.

Gantry Tracks 6-26-2023 2023-06-26 005

I installed single rail tracks for the crane to operate on.  The rails use short pieces of rail tie to hold them.  I went with 1/2 ties by cutting up 027 track ties to make them as they would take screws to hold the track down.  Fake sleeper ties are in between the 1/2 cut up 027 ties.   I had not thought of just gluing them down to my fake painted gray concrete.

Gantry Tracks 6-26-2023 2023-06-26 001

The crane cables were made long enough to allow the crane to reach each end of the crane rails.  I need to come up with a way to make the crane move on the crane rails without finger help!

Train & Crane 4-3-2015 003

Lionel Gantry Crane 12834 with a truck load of rails ready to be unloaded at the right   Note also in picture above:  A Lionel Tie ejector car picked up at a train show which keeps the interest up and a wireless color TV camera on a flat car that transmits pictures to a small TV under the train board control panel and a 55 inch flat screen TV on the wall.

The crane controls are close to the crane which is important to keep things moving.  Crane controls are on the left.  Also pictured is my Williams, BL2, one my very few more modern engines with can motors.

Train & Crane 4-3-2015 011

We pickup canisters with washers glued to the top and 1/2 pieces of 027 rail seen in the truck.  This crane with gondolas and flat cars have endless possibilities for operations of the crane.

Train -General 4-1-2016 014

Train -General 4-1-2016 013

Making the  Crane Control be a Two Handed Operation

I have found I need three hands to operate the Crane control.  One for Up and Down Lever, a second for swinging the crane boom Left and Right and a third for holding the magnet voltage ON as there is not a lock on that control, with justifiably concern for burning out the magnet.  I made a small wooden wedge out a piece of pop sickle stick, added a red handle to the stick.  The new stick is used to force the magnet voltage to be ON without using a third hand.  Care must be taken not to leave the wedge in.


The operating gantry crane is now the most popular accessory to operate on the layout and it is challenging to load and unload a gondola car with canisters as well as pieces of track rail and to remove and install the cover for a gondola car.

Now Mercury Space Capsules can be loaded and unloaded from the Mercury Space Capsule car after the installation of metal washers on the top.




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  • Train & Crane 4-3-2015 003
  • Train & Crane 4-3-2015 011
  • Train -General 4-1-2016 014
  • Train -General 4-1-2016 013
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  • Gantry Tracks 6-26-2023 2023-06-26 001
  • Gantry Tracks 6-26-2023 2023-06-26 005
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Thanks.  I still have a few more posts and up updates for later.  It is winter and after Christmas I usually get a few train projects going since I do not have much yard work to do. Although you would think spring was here in south Louisiana as Azaleas are booming and weeds start to grow with this warm winter.

Working on reviving a junker 192 Control Tower, having to make a roof and the moving platform that the CT operators ride around on.

I just glued some washers with GE silicone caulking to the top of the Mercury Space Capsules and some other canisters.  That sticks just fine but will do no harm and is easy to take off.


I decided  the Lionel 60 street car was too big for my S gauge Plasticville main street.  The 60 has joined my fleet of #50 gang cars  (2 --50s and one MTH) in racing around the layout or going bump to bump between the portable track barriers.


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