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I have fastrack with black center curve rails and silver curve center rails. 

Is there  difference?


Lionel produce it with the black rail when Fasttrack was first introduced.. .but then did away with it shortly thereafter, saying the black rail was more conspicuous than just leaving the center rail natural.    (It likely also saved them money too.)


I agree. I blackened the center rail on one 30 inch but did not like it. The contrasting with the light colored road bed did make it stand out more. It works with the MTH track because the roadbed is dark. I used a bright boy on the MTH center rail removing the black just on the top. It greatly improved the conductivity. 

Yes, I "rust" (paint) the outer rails and leave the center rail alone. Being shiny it mirrors the ties/ballast which makes it less visible, or at least less conspicuous. For this reason the very shiny center rail is one of the things I really like about Fastrack.



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FasTrack design has changed over 15 years.

The black rail was only produced for a year or two at the beginning. But other elements were modified, too, including the roadbed and the track pins. Many people prefer the older versions of the track, which tended to stay connected better.

All versions are compatible. 

Jim R. 

I had a pin snap on one of the newer ones simply separating two sections. I was surprised to find the pins are cast not solid steel. Good for no rust ect but I cannot see it being better electric conductor. Also i have learned to use gloves while handling the new stuff after leaving blood stain on the road bed very sharp edges! I think maybe i will put some kind of “road kill” there and not bother cleaning it. Hey that’s what cow catchers are for anyway. 

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