Can someone tell me the correct fastrack terminals to wire fastrack switches directly to each other for automated train routing. I want the switches to throw each other like I did with my 022 tubular switches. 

In other words what fastrack terminals match the 3 terminals on 022 switches.

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The red wire and the green wire or the THRU terminal and the OUT terminal control switch movement. When one of those terminals goes to GND the points are thrown the corresponding direction. Running two wires from one Fastrack track switch to another is all that is required. The non-derailing feature of either switch will trigger the other switch.



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My two cents re: fastrak switch diagram: WOW, does that seem overly complicated electrically and mechanically, compared to the "simple minded" original O-22 switch mechanisms.  Once that electronic board expires, so does the switch.

But that's my lowly opinion....

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