Flyer EP-5 electric 6-48075 updated with Pictures added

I would go back to lionel parts search. Type in 6-48 and look at the parts from the other products that use the vertical mounted motors. I have the twin motor EP and the UP GP also the Santa Fe PA Alcoc.  They all have the vertical mounted motors. Not sure but they must use the same mounting for the vertical mounted motors on other locos. 

The loco is from 6-48080 it's the C&O GP 7 the defender set.

i am pretty sure the motors and worm gear plus the mounts are the same from all the models.  For a better view go to in text search just type in 6-48 only. That will show you products beginning with the catalog number starting with 6-48.

view the parts for the loco motive. If you need help or call lionel or just buy the parts shown

Here is a up date on the motor situation;  I called Steve at S n S Trains and I sent him some pics of the above motor, they both were dead.  He has a bunch of them so I sent him mine to swap out the mounting plate and gear,  got the new ones today along with the bad ones and I have them installed and wired to a rectifier.  Best part is, they run great!!!   Tomorrow the shell goes back on and then back to the layout.  I called him and thanked him for the great service and very reasonable charges.  Probably the best $29 I have ever spent.  He does amazing work, can't say enough...\



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