We just got a 6-48036 NYC AF Mikado for my Dad's AF layout. We operate in conventional mode only, have a AF 30B transformer, and a K-Line K-952C whistle/bell controller for the inner and outer loops (separately powered). The Mikado has a couple of issues that we could use help with.

1) The backup light only turns on for a brief moment when with each direction change when cycling through the reverse unit. The headlight is always on. Is this locomotive supposed to have directional lighting?

2) Instead of operating the whistle and bell the K-Line whistle/bell controller acts as a direction change button. (It does work properly with our MTH F-3 w/ProtoSound 3.0.) Is there something about the K-Line's whistle/bell controller that makes it non-compatible with Flyonel's RailSounds? (I have used a K-Line controller on my O-gauge trains and it works fine with ERR RailSounds.)

3) When opening up the the tender to install a 9v battery, despite using care, the three wires connected to the volume pot became disconnected. Does anyone have a schematic, or know which color wire attaches to which post?

Thanks for any and all help!


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It probably needs to be reprogramed

Reprogramming your locomotive to restore features
If your locomotive is unresponsive to your commands in the TrainMaster Command Control
environment, we recommend that you follow this procedure to reset your locomotive. All
factory default settings will be restored when you reprogram the locomotive.
1. Slide the Command reverse unit switch to the PROG position.
2. Plug in and connect your Command Base.
3. Place your locomotive on the track, then power up the track.
4. Press ENG and enter the locomotive’s ID#.
5. Press SET.
6. Press ENG and enter the locomotive’s ID# again.
7. Press AUX1.
8. Enter 74 for this particular locomotive.
9. Turn off track power and wait ten seconds.
10. Slide the Command reverse unit switch back to the RUN position.
At this point, your locomotive has been reset. Restore power to the track and operate the
locomotive as usual. Be sure to use the ID# entered in Step 4.


I don't see you getting a reply to your last question, so I thought I'd pop in. I believe you need TMCC or Legacy to reset to factory default. Do you have an acquaintance who might have either of these control systems, otherwise maybe a hobby shop in the area that may help you with this?



No sooner did I reply to your message than I found what may work in conventional operating. Check the post on the Legacy/ TMCC thread, that may well work for you


Matt, In the TMCC/LEGACY group, check the Norfolk and Western J Class 4-8-4 thread. There is an answer there programing in conventional.

I hope that it will work for you


That 4-8-4 is an O gauge engine. I am not sure those commands work on the old S gauge light Mikados. At least they do not work on mine, but then again I could always be incompetent at following instructions. It would not be the first time!

If a complete reset is needed the easiest way is to put it on someones TMCC/Legacy layout.


Try this.

Per Lionel tech support, Switch the engine to "prog", put it on the track and apply power. Then, while the engine is in motion,  Pull the plug on the transformer.  After 10 seconds, Switch the prog/run switch to "run", put the engine back on the track, and slowly re-apply power.

It was recommended to have a load on the track when power is re-applied (a lighted caboose is fine.




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