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Hi everyone !  Some might remember that I mentioned in one of the other threads that I had discovered a KLINE Santa Fe S-2 switcher that I had apparently bought and packed up and forgot about.  I commented that I was surprised that this thing had 2 motors, 3 position reverse, great livery, and ran really smoothly.  So today I began to wonder how it would stack up against the Lionel "600" series NW-2 's under post war freight conditions.  So I hooked it up to 5 relatively heavy PW freight cars to see how she did.  The cars were 3464 NYC Operating Box car, 2454 Baby Ruth Box, 6464 GN box, 6464-100 WP box and a fully illuminated 2357 SP caboose.  Well, she did extremely well.  Handled this consist with no trouble at all.  In fact she cruised around my 0-31 loop (mostly flat) with no trouble at 8.5 volts on the ZW.  Here are some pictures.

KLINE PW Freight 1KLINE PW Freight 2KLINE PW Freight 3


Well, I remain convinced that we lost a good supplier of trains when KLINE left.  This little guy could clearly hold his own against the PW competition.  

Have a good Holiday everyone



Images (3)
  • KLINE PW Freight 1
  • KLINE PW Freight 2
  • KLINE PW Freight 3
@pennsynut posted:

WP John: I really like the scene in your video. 

Tom Densel: Super scenery for the short freight at just the right speed.

Patrick: Always enjoy your scenes and especially your lighting. What type/color lights are on your layout please?

Pennsynut thanks so much!  The lighting on my layout is actually stock.  Whatever came with the building or lamp is what I use.  

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