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Well everyone, what great trains, thanks to you all for posting.  jrstengel - others may not have recognized it, but we lived nearly 20 years (1970-1987) in Dayton only 50 miles north of Cincinnati and visited often.  I clearly remember the brand names in your train "Skyline" chille and Kahn's meat plus others.  Great train and a memory lane trip for me.  samparfitt - what a spectacular trestle!!  Super shot of the streamlined steam engine on the trestle.

Best wishes and thanks again to everyone for posting


@BAR GP7 #63 posted:

Here are some Dv12 pictures from other shooting trips as well. The Dv12 series is now worth filming, as it will disappear in the next few years, with the Dr19 series replacing it.  Johan20220107_124931

Thank you.  That is really an interesting engine.  It is fun to see equipment from other countries, especially those freight cars to the right in this photo.

I enjoy these photo topics a whole lot better when the poster provides some information about what is in the photo (location, equipment (real or model), etc.).   Thanks.

I thought I'd share a video I recorded today of Western Pacific GS-64 #485 pulling mixed freight after completing all the repairs from the Paradise disaster. This is another camera angle I don't usually shoot videos from, and you'll catch a view outside my bay window and maybe a pedestrian passing by. LoL

FYI - The Lionel WP GS-64 is TMCC from 2004 with the first version of Odyssey and it doesn't maintain speed as accurately as a Legacy locomotive. Also, when I first got this locomotive (NIB), I thought the chuff was a little slow, like one chuff per 2 revolutions. So, I ordered a Super Chuffer II and the Programable Chuff Generator from @gunrunnerjohn and installed and dialed it in. Sounds so much better!

And here it is.

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