Hi folks,

Well the former layout's benchwork and cabinets are now history (cabinets were donated), and it's time to find new homes for MORE items that won't be used on the new layout.  All but a couple of items from the "October York Version" of this Demolition Sale sold.   And I want to take a moment to thank everyone who purchased something!!!

Which now brings us to THIS new "ALLENTOWN ATMA" for-sale listing that supersedes my prior OGR for-sale listings in 2017.   This new listing contains quite a variety of items, ranging from large Standard Gauge items to O-Gauge rolling stock and accessories  -- all at great prices. 

As always, all sales are FINAL.  No returns.  Prices do NOT include shipping.  First-come / first-served, and priority goes to the first buyer who says "I'll take it".   Please respond to the email address located in my OGR Forum profile.

****  Allentown ATMA Train Show delivery is available only on SATURDAY (February 24th), if you're interested in saving on shipping.  ****   Allentown delivery will be a cash-only basis (and please let me know ASAP).  Otherwise, I accept Paypal (friends/family or add 3% for regular Paypal), USPS Money Orders, or personal checks for all other transactions. 

I do plan to attend the breakfast at the Hamilton St Diner before the train show on Saturday, so what better way to kick off the train show with an "early-bird" purchase rather than waiting in line on what's forecast to be a somewhat rainy morning??? 

Thanks for browsing my listing.  Have fun shopping.... and ENJOY!!!





IV.  MTH 10-4024:  #840 Power Station (white with red trim), produced in 2002 with a $500 MSRP;  condition = LIKE NEW (I'm the second owner, purchased from a member of the OGR Forum). Packaged in original shipping box.  Planned for re-issue in 2011 as 11-90005, but cancelled due to lost/damaged tooling overseas.  Offered at $400 for the seldom-seen white/red version!






V.  MTH 10-1026:  Leipzig Station (English Version), produced in 2015 with a $1,150 MSRP;  condition = MINT, still packed in original product box. 

Offered at $595!   ***ATMA Show Special***

Front View...



Rear View...






VI.  Lionel 6-32999:  Hellgate Bridge (silver/red/white version), originally $500 MSRP;  condition = LIKE NEW, packed in original product box.  Quantity = 4.   Offered at $175/each.   ***ATMA Show Special***






VII.  Golden Gate Depot: 8-car NYC Empire State Express passenger cars (21" ALUMINUM), produced in 2009 at a selling price of $800; thought by many to be the finest, most accurate ESE passenger train produced in O-Gauge.  These cars are 3-rail.  I'm only selling these because I've decided to stay mostly with 18" passenger cars on my new layout.  Condition = EXCELLENT to LIKE NEW.  I am the second owner of this passenger train.  Only selling all 8 cars together, including the difficult-to-find 2-pack add-on cars.   Offered at $750, an unbelievable price for 21" aluminum cars in today's market. 









IX.  MTH/LCT 11-90094:  #438 Signal Tower;  produced in 2012 with a $150 MSRP.  Condition = MINT, still packaged in original shipping carton.  Offered at $75.







 XIII.  Atlas-O 6080 90-degree crossing , originally $21.50 MSRP.  Condition = NEW, sealed in original packaging.  Offered at $10/each or $15 for both.






XV.  Lionel 6-22931 Mainline Cantilever Signal, originally $60 MSRP.  Condition = NEW, in original product box.  Offered at $30.







XIV.  RMT Ore Car 2-packs.  Sold as 2-packs ONLY.  Condition = MINT, still sealed in 2-packs.  Offered at $25 per 2-pack.








XV.  Lionel 6-19867 Operating Poultry Car.  Condition = MINT, never used.  Offered at $45.








XVI.  Lionel 8K Tankers (Northern Pacific, 2 x DM&IR).  Originally $70 MSRP.  Condition = MINT, never used.  Offered at $35/each, or $95 for all THREE.








XVII.  Lionel Las Vegas Mint Cars.  Sold as a set of 2 ONLY.  Condition = MINT, never used.  Offered at $70 for both cars.








 XVIII.  Lionel Mint Cars.  Sold as a set of 7 ONLY.  Condition = LIKE-NEW, only displayed.  Offered at $75 for all SEVEN cars!








XIX.  Lionel Wellspring/Lionelville Mint Cars.  Sold as a set of 2 ONLY.  Condition = MINT, never used.  Offered at $25 for both cars.








XXI.  Lionel Federal Reserve Mint Cars.  Sold as a set of 4 ONLY.  Condition = MINT, never used.  Offered at $50 for all 4 cars.








XXV.  Lionel Super Large Christmas Ornaments (approx 8" diameter).   Regular street price $25+ for a set of 3.  Condition = NEW, never used. 

Quantity Available = 1 set with Standard Gauge Images; 2 sets with Santa Fe Images.  Offered at $10/each set of 3.








XXXII.  Lionel Traditional Rolling Stock.  Condition = MINT, never used.  Offered at $10/each.









XXXIII.  Lionel/MTH Cabooses.  Condition = LIKE-NEW to NEW, only displayed.  Offered at $15/each.

***5 Cabooses SOLD.  Only the following 2 remain...***








XXXIV.  Lionel D&H Standard-O Boxcars.  Condition = MINT.  Offered at $20/each, or $35 for both cars.







XXXV.  Lionel Southern RR Standard-O Boxcar.  Condition = MINT.  Offered at $25.










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Original Post

Hi folks, thank you everyone for your email inquiries yesterday (Tuesday).  It's now Wednesday around 4AM Eastern Time, and I'm just getting around to responding to OGR Forum emails!   I'm donating the cabinetry around the perimeter of my old layout to Bucks County's Habitat for Humanity Restore program, and I'm hoping the cabinets will find a good home for a family that could really use them.  As luck would have it, the Habitat Restore folks are coming in a few hours to load the cabinets on their truck.  And there was SO MUCH to do yesterday to get the cabinets ready for pick-up, that I had no time whatsoever to respond to the MANY forum email inquiries.   Saying I got bombarded with OGR emails is an understatement!

I'm running on fumes right now (and feeling a bit sore too from all that physical work), but I will update the listing shortly so folks know which items are now spoken for.  As I said in my original post, the process will be first-come / first-served.  So please stay tuned for my email responses.  If you sent me an email (or two ) yesterday, I will respond to let you know where things stand.  Thanks, in advance for your understanding and patience.


Howdy Rocky,

It was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely wife at York on Thursday!   Thank you for the OUTSTANDING DEAL on the Lionel Highway Crossing Gates!   I'm looking forward to the pictures of your new layout when it is installed at your house.  Bet ya can't wait?

Chief Bob (Retired)


Yes... your name is on the 5 your requested.  I've just been unexpectedly out of town for much of last week and early this week.  So I've been unable to pack things to send out shipping quotes.  I should be back tonight, and I plan to respond to everyone who expressed interest in purchasing items that required shipping.  There's a bunch more stuff I was gonna list too, but I haven't been able to do that either -- and I won't until I catch up on the shipping quotes on existing items in the listing.  Thanks for everyone's patience.


P.S.  Just a reminder folks, all of these items -- as well as the newly listed ones to be posted soon -- will be available for Allentown delivery on Saturday, November 11th.  Another great opportunity to save on shipping costs. 

Hi Folks,

Today is November 10th, and this listing has been updated in the spirit of the Allentown ATMA "First Frost" train show.  Nearly everything listed in the original York thread sold, and I want to thank everyone who helped find a new home for these items I won't be using on my new layout.   So the listing you're now viewing here is essentially a new for-sale listing -- even though I just updated the original "Demolition Sale" thread with LOTS of new offerings.

I will be attending the Allentown ATMA tomorrow... Saturday, November 11th only.  So if you see something listed here that you want to save on shipping, please let me know ASAP via the email in my OGR profile.  And I'll bring it with me to the show.  I'm also planning to attend the pre-show breakfast at the Hamilton Family Diner, where we've been known to take care of some business after a great breakfast!!!   

Due to the last-minute posting, all Allentown deliveries will be via cash.  Otherwise, Paypal, USPS Money Order, or personal checks are acceptable forms of payment.   For folks not attending Allentown on Saturday, all of these items are available for shipping or local pick-up in the southeastern PA area.

Many thanks, everybody... and enjoy some great pre-show shopping as we gear up for a terrific train season!!!



I had sent you an email earlier today regarding several items (XXII (mint car pair), XXXVI (Burn Switch Tower), and XXXVII (Hobo Tower)).

Since the last two items were updated to suggest sale pending, but the first one does not, I can't tell if my email was received (and maybe you just forgot to mark the mint cars pending?) or someone else bought the towers and my email didn't make it at all.  I obviously didn't receive a return email or I wouldn't ask the question.

Please advise  (my apologies if you left me a voice mail on my phone, I don't have it with me during the work day).

If someone else beat me to these items, I may not drive up to Allentown tomorrow.  Hoping it's just a missed update on the mint cars and I will be able to pick these up from you at the show.



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