I just got a hold of some gargraves track from a dismantled layout.   Some is salvageable and some not so much.  Thinking about removing the wooden ties.  Is there any re use for these that others may have used them for as some of the track has too much rust to bother with.

Appreciate any thoughts or ideas.


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Rusty Gargraves phantom rail track with dried out ties is worthless. You can't bend it without kinking the rails and you can't move the ties because of the rusty rails. If you have a magnetic crane on your layout cut the track up into small pieces for scrap in a scrap yard.

If the track is rusted and straight use it on a siding. Many lightly used sidings in real life have rust on the rails. Just get some emery cloth and a wood block to sand the rust of of the rail surfaces.  Then apply some cold gun blue paste to blacken the center rail again. There ya go a realistic looking siding.

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