Gargraves Track

Gargraves track needs each rail to receive power if that is what you are asking. All rails are insulated from each other, so it works great for using as a signal relay with only some insulating pins needing to be added.

I have a friend who wired every section of his Gargraves track, each 36.25 inch section got electrical hookup. Said he wasn't gonna chance any voltage drop out.


So far the only drawback is that some of my MTH engines don't like Gargraves switches, it's something about the switch design.

Maybe Ross Custom Switches are better, I will have to wait for some money to buy any Ross switches.


Lee Fritz

Philadelphia & Reading Railway, one of the first railroads in the USA, first to have a double track system in the USA.

Originally Posted by NSRailfan100:
I was talking about how MTH flex track does not have mating connecters so to have any voltage to the track you have to wire each piece of flex track.



I did not mention anything about MTH track, it was their engines! I use the old tubular track along with Gargraves track.


Lee Fritz

Philadelphia & Reading Railway, one of the first railroads in the USA, first to have a double track system in the USA.

I have about 400 feet of track. 90% is Gargraves Flex-Track with lots of free-flowing sweeping curves. The only exceptions are the switches (Ross) and a couple of return loops using GG sectional track where I wanted the loops to be perfectly circular and concentric.


As said elsewhere, bending flex-track beyond a 54" or so diameter is tough but doable if you take your time. Also a pain is getting the flex-track sections to form smooth connections, especially when the sections join on a curve since the inner rail will extend and the outside rail will shorten.

In no particular order; Aviation (Pilot), Golf & Cycling (when it's nice out) and Trains (when it's not).

100% Ross (about 36 of them) and Gargraves track... sectional curves and flex. Wired to run conventional, TMCC/Legacy, and DCS. Used the white insulating pins to create blocks per DCS recommendations, each block is 10-12 track sections with drops/feeders in the middle of the block. 














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I've used GarGraves for a complete run.  It gives you so much more freedom than standard curves do.  (I like irregularly shaped layouts).  You do have to cut rail when it becomes uneven from bending, but it's not hard.  Just use a new Zona saw and take your time.

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