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Hello guys and gals Smile
As I am getting older I have some decisions to make on what do with my NG books collection. I would rather get them into the hands of my narrow minded friends now than into a garage sale or book store after I have crossed my last tresle.
If any of you are looking for a certain book, email me and give me the name of the book.
Why am I doing this? Well I want you guys to have them before I have to go to the buy/sell forum.
Hoping you all had a great Krastmess and have a happy new year.
Big Grin
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Al...I don't believe the moderators would edit "Christmas"!!

Also, was wondering if you got my e-mails requesting that you add "Member of MID-AMERICA 3-RAILERS" to the bottom of your post? Take a look at Roger's and mine and some of the others. If you need help, just let me know...I will be more than glad to do so.


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