Giveaway is almost here!

The Giveaway is almost here! The giveaways is on May 31st of this year. And I will most likely do it again next year.  If you want the Atlas O boxcar or the O-27 car let me know and i can put you in the drawing! Just leave a comment and then if you win well talk from there! I am doing this because on May 31st, 2013 Tim Samaris was killed along with his son and a college that was working with him due to the fact that a tornado changed direction very quickly and they no time to react. They were killed in their vehicle on impact to the ground. This is why I am doing this. But if you have questions about the give away privately message me.

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Very sad story. Closest we were to one was about 3 or 4 miles away and everyone headed for shelter. Damage the next morning was astonishing. Saw an IMAX presentation on Tornadoes and Storm Chasers, definitely not something for the faint hearted.

Sorry for your loss.  We, too, have a lot of experience with tornadoes here in north Texas.  Our window washer lost his home last Christmas to a tornado and then lost his father a few weeks ago to the tornado near Canton, TX.  Homes and businesses can be rebuilt. Lives cannot.

Please add me to your drawing.


I'm looking at my 1 year old and my crazy little 4 year old and I can't imagine going through what you must have felt. Not to storms, but lost a friend not to long ago to a car accident. We set up a scholarship in honor of him at the university.

If you'll have us in the giveaway, we are in awesome that you are doing this to remember your friend.

*Edit: Was reading and posting on my phone. Clarified my post.

-Ed, O-27 trains and track, building out our little train empire one piece at a time

Add me please! I had a friend die in a helicopter crash last year. I plan on making a model of the helicopter he flew for decades, a Eurocopter a350. I plan on customizing it with "Pilot: Chris Maggio" on the side.

There's a right way, a wrong way, and a Skagway

Hey Ty, you can add my name to the "hat," but should my name come up... I want you consider the gift for Aldovar (several posts above) in place of me.

Now, I don't know Aldovar at all save for his posts here. Never talked to him or communicated with him. But from his post here and other places, well in a hobby that has gotten increasingly expensive at least on the brand new retail side, I sympathize with trying to raise a young family and do trains too.

Ty, it's a nice thing you're doing here. A quick glance at any news source is enough to depress the daylights out of the happiest of people. Seems to me like we're living in dark and selfish times, so any small act of kindness - like a small light - gets a lot brighter in a dark place.

I consider your gesture to be along those lines. And I in turn am passing the gesture on.



I remember 5/18 as the anniversary of Mt St Helens' big blowout back in 1980, but that's neither here nor there

I'm in the Northeast as well, and have opined that even our worst thunderstorms wait till they're over Long Island before thinking of dropping even an EF0. Being so far from the Midwest, the most I can do is photograph nearby thunderheads during the day (rare) and do long exposure photos of passing storms at night hoping to catch a shot of a lightning discharge.

I've also watched pretty much all the stormchasing documentaries there are and I can't help but to think back to this tragedy every time I watch raw chase footage on YouTube. I think I'll be re-watching the analyses of the El Reno storm tonight. 


Sorry Brian and play trains for not responding. But I will put your names in for Aldovar. The thank you for being so supportive! I want this community to be a happy place! Not boring and usual. But this offer is something that 1/1000 people would do. I will put in as three for Aldovar. You two deserve something for giving up your entry for someone. This is very special for you guys. And I want to thank give thanks for the small community that I recently joined. I'm a know it all school but I really just spend time looking at the posts and stuff here on the ogrforums and the things that I like to do. But I want to thank this very tiny chat and the people who have entered for this give away. I will email you both later today in the morning. And one other thing is that there are 8 available entry's left. But i want to thank both of you for giving up your entry to Aldovar. 

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