Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to disassemble this engine?  The smoke generator needs to be repaired.   It appears to be partly assembled using screws with the other part being molded into the body, i.e. snap fit.   Any information would be helpful and appreciated. 

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Thank you for the reply.  This engine does not really have an exploded view.  It has a photo of the parts looking from directly overhead.  The mounting mechanism is not viewable.  

May just do what I have done with other engines.  Keep removing parts until it falls apart.  Or a second option is to just forget about repairing the smoke unit.   Everything else works wonderefully.

If anyone has a contact at Lionel that could send some detail on how this engine is put together I would appreciate the efforts.  


WOW - it appears from the thread you sent me that this engine is almost impossible to get apart without damage.   When I could not locate a video on YouTube I knew something was wrong.  

I believe my second thought of not repairing the smoke unit is the way to proceed.   The engine looks and runs great, do not want to trash it for the smoke unit.

I will wait until something critical inside the unit needs service then repair everything at the same time.  OR might just sell it, some people like a challenge. 

Thank you everyone for reading and answering my questions.  

If someone does have detailed instructions for disassembly I would appreciate a copy for future reference.


Yes, these are very delicate and somewhat difficult to take apart. I've had to do my Santa Fe version for smoke unit overhaul by trial and error. I could not find anything back then to guide me. It's been a while but the main body and cab separate. I think I removed the cab first and then the main body. Slow and steady to not break anything.

Enjoyer of all that is 3 rail

I've taken several of these apart, including a brand new Legacy 6-85027.  They're tricky, and a bit delicate, but they actually can be taken apart.

I took mine apart (the Trials of Hercules) a few years ago because the drive train had failed. After almost no use, BTW. Got new parts from Lionel. Not free. Reassembled (enough to test); failed within a few feet - as in the gears  - again.

Threw - and I mean actually threw, several feet, hearing it land with a satisfying ka-whop! - the whole awful thing in a cardboard box. One day, if ever, it will emerge as a dummy. 

The best fix for a Lionel S-class Alco switcher is to buy the MTH version. I did.

(BTW - all that took place a few months after I had had to re-attach the truck side frames with epoxy because the attachments were so thin that normal handling broke 2 of them; I repaired them and reinforced the other 2. It is a terrible little thing.)

This engine is a little on the fragile side.  I use it primarily for decoration, it sure does look good!

I am on my second set of gears also.   Replaced all the gears.  Some still looked good but I did not want to disassemble this thing again.   I have learned over the years that when one gear goes bad, this was the main drive gear, replace all the gears.   When new it made a 'grinding' sound and did not run very smoothly.  With the new gear set it runs extremely quietly and smoothly. 

With everything else working I am NOT going to disassemble this solely to repair the smoke unit.   


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