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A Memorial Membership has been made to honor Jim by:

  • Alan Arnold
  • Allan Miller
  • Ed Boyle
  • Rich Melvin
  • Joseph Fiumano (NYC 428)
  • Mat Horning (mattrains)
  • Donald Klose (dk122trains)
  • Frank Klaus (youngstown)
  • Bennett Fioriello (bluelinec4)
  • William Sherry (JPLoco)
  • Bill Anton (bptbill)
  • Louis Niederlander (Lou N)
  • Mark Kelley (PRR Mark)
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Shocked and devastated upon hearing of Jim's passing.  My deepest condolences to Jim's family and friends. He is irreplaceable. I had many conversations with Jim at York and a few times when he came to Edison over the years, always a pleasure. His knowledge and love of our hobby shone brightly in all of our discussions, his posts here on the forum and in the many articles he wrote. He will forever be missed.


Just learned about this today (12/18.) Not as active as I once was. Jim was a true gentleman, a pleasure to be around. He was SO handy with fixing things & had great insights. He came to Wichita, KS for our local club's 20th anniversary blowout in 2005. Jim was larger than life, yet down to earth also. He took a special interest in what we were doing and wrote superb articles on the club & 2 of our members. I wonder how far he got on finishing his basement layout? What a LOSS for the hobby & the magazine. My best to his family.

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