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Jim Osborne, A Mentor, Great Friend and a wealth of knowledge with MTH. If it wasn’t for Jim, I would’ve never looked into getting MTH trains or MTH products.

Like Marty and Barry with their knowledge of MTH Trains, Jim was an MTH Factory Certified Service Technician and a Beta tester for MTH’s DCS Wi-Fi Operating system. It was neat to see the beginning developments the app and how his connections working on MTH products created relationships that ended up helping me with my stuff and others.

Jim help constructed several layouts operating systems, the San Diego 3-Railers being one of them and without his support, the San Diego 3-Railers wouldn’t be where it is today.

His support with the our Youth Program also impacted our members and their Parents in what trains to buy and why.

Thank you Jim,

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Jim was my friend and was very sorry to learn of his passing.

I met Jim when I lived in San Diego.  He was referred to me by a fellow train guy as I had some MTH engines that needed maintenance and repair.  He was very welcoming and kind.  He and his wife, Ann, had me over for dinner a few times and were wonderful evenings of fellowship and train chat.

Soon after, he invited me to join the San Diego 3 railers club.  Jim was an active member of the club's kid outreach and introduced many families to our hobby.  He also invited me to join him at the York train show.  Like most first timers, I was blown away by the show and the new friends I met.

I will miss my friend.

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Jim was a great tech and a special friend.  I drove down from Orange County several times to have Jim work on my MTH engines.  He did clean work and I never had to return any of his fixes.  When I met him he had set up his MTH service office in his garage and he was very proud of his new Tesla X that his son had given him.  Jim was a wealth of information on MTH and his passing is a major loss for the west coast. I wish his wife and family my condolences.

He will be greatly missed!

Duncan Foster

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