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TCA Lake Erie Chapter President Alan Lakis gave me permission to write the following on his behalf:

"Paul Fischer was absolutely unique in so many ways. His gift for telling stories of past and current events that covered a variety of lifelong experiences were enduring and enlightening. His vast historical knowledge of America's world of trains and trolleys was extensive. He on many occasions shared experiences in his personal and professional work life. He openly demonstrated that life clearly has it's ups and downs.

On several occasions, especially at the York train meet Paul seemed to know everyone in the Silver Trading Hall. Paul was well liked and respected by all.

Shortly after my first meeting Paul, I quickly learned what his all time favorite railroad was: the Milwaukee Road. His extensive knowledge of every facet of this railroad was astounding. He knew every engine by wheel arrangement and cab number as well as the roads’ vast variety of freight and passenger rolling stock.

Tuesday train night at Paul and Barbara's was always welcomed and well attended. Without question Paul's layout track plan was well thought-out and extensive allowing for running trains that disappear behind city buildings and scenery and appear again at different elevations or to appear again from another room. We on occasion blew the horn/whistle to know where the train was located.

Upon arriving at Paul's one train night; Paul asked me "What looked different about the layout"? After closely looking for obvious and minute details to the scenery and track plan, I confessed I didn't see any changes. With a big smile, Paul told me that there was not one piece of Milwaukee Road rolling stock or engine on the track. Not seeing the obvious was a lesson learned..

Paul is missed and will always be remembered. I am thankful for his friendship.

Alan Lakis President
Lake Erie Chapter TCA

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