Industrial Surplus Supply (MTH CJ Textiles)

I always liked these MTH buildings and got one last week. This is just about done and was repainted and detailed to be a sort of generic street level warehouse business. I reworked the front a bit for dual roll up doors and added some extra detail here and there. 



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The insulators Norm  used are our 3 wire standoffs here is a link:


 part number 48-1193 6 per pack @ $5.00.

Formerly:  Keil-Line Products / Russian River

Scenery Details - Passenger/Freight/Diesel Details - Figures - Signals - Laser Cutting, & MUCH MORE!

Norm great job on your building.  I love the character that you give your buildings.  Good color choice for the brick, I too am wondering what you painted it with.

Regarding Hamm's Beer, that really brings back a lot of memories for me.  I grew up in Northwest Iowa and it was a leading beer in those days.  I loved the dancing bears in their TV ads "From the land of sky blue waters".  I can still hear their jingle with the Indian tom toms beating.  I am in the process of making a Hamm's Beer billboard to place along a highway that runs beside my Mississippi River for an Iowa state trooper to hide behind for a speed trap.


Would never think that you started with an MTH building.....this looks me some ideas to work with....

Railway and Locomotive Historical Society

New York Central System Historical Society

NNY (No Name Yet) Railroad - Owner and Operator


Here's what I used. I used the matte clear over the base color (primer) before spackling the mortar, then bombed matte clear over the spackle. This keeps too much of the color bleeding into the mortar and then preserves a bit more of the mortar color when doing the acrylic washes and final weathering. Hope that makes sense - it goes color, clear, spackle, clear, final wash, highlights, drybrushing, etc.



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