Roo posted:

Hi Everyone.

Anybody know what's happened to this product can't seem to buy them anywhere. Roo.

They are out there (eBay for one source), but they have decreased in ready availability while increasing in price.

You know, when a tomato grows out of your forehead, it gets you thinking. What do we know about anything? Life is just a big, wild, crazy tossed salad. But you don't eat it; no sir! You live it! Isn't it great? Isn't it great?





The problem for me ordering off ebay is if you want more than one item you sometimes get hit hard for multiple shipping and if the seller lets it go you get a massive shipping cost on the other hand I have had numerous American sellers give me a credit for the excess freight because they are honest or want repeat business some don't and I have been caught. I just live with it.

What you blokes don't see is the overseas shipping costs only your costs in country that's if you are a buyer, anyway this has nothing to do with the wheel sets. I am going to place an order and hope they still have some left, if not I guess I have to bang my head on the wall till the pain stops.

Thanks everyone. Roo.

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