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As many of you know, Marty and I have been friends for many years. I spoke with him last night for about an hour. He continues to undergo chemotherapy for the tumors in his lungs. As is normal with chemotherapy, he has his good and bad days. I believe he is maintaining a positive outlook through all of the treatment he has undergone to date, as he is a fighter. Importantly, Marty is happy with the way the Patriots have been playing so far this season.



 My mother was a nurse. She helped numerous patients as they underwent treatment. She never talked about what she went thru. I could tell whenever someone in her care, passed on. When she got cancer, she refused treatment. She didn't wish to go thru what she saw so many times with others.

 I can't possibly imagine how bad the treatment can be. Later on a family friend underwent treatment, recovered, and said he won't go thru that ever again.

I do see a lot of good recoveries with others.

I don't post this to be negative here. I cherish Marty for all his values. I pray for comfort for him and God's blessings. I have to try and imagine what he's going thru. It breaks my heart and sometimes I get selfish.

 Let's pray for his strength and comfort during this treatment. If your not into religion, just say something positive out loud. I look forward to his positive outcome and recovery. I can't help but feel the pain right now.

( moderator, if this is too negative or gets criticism, please delete this without waiting. I hate to elaborate, & off train topic so far. Thank you for keeping this topic & posts)

Marty, all I can do is pray! You deserve better!

To engineer joe,

Heartfelt and compelling thoughts, I am 100% sure the moderator sees this too. All the best to Marty!

Update: December 2, 2019. A few weeks ago, Marty had an MRI of the leg tumor and a CT scan of his chest. The leg tumor is still shrinking. The secondary tumors in his lungs, unfortunately, are starting to grow. A different chemo drug was ordered, he had 2 treatments in 2 weeks. A week ago, he woke up very disoriented and his speech was slurred. Took him to the hospital, his brain had swelled from the chemo. They released him from the hospital on Wednesday, his birthday, he spent Thanksgiving with us (I had called his family, and his grandson flew down from Newfoundland the 22nd, his daughter flew down the 27th). Friday morning the disorientation and speech problem were back,  the ulcer on his toe was infected, and the increased pain could not be controlled with the medication that he's been taking since June. Took him back to the hospital, he had NOT had a stroke, TIA, blood infection, or anything else that would have caused this. They did a CT and an MRI on his brain and found 2 cancerous lesions 3 mm and 8 mm. We are waiting to see what our options are, since he can't be released from the hospital if he still has the toe infection - which he does and is having IV antibiotics, the pain is only controlled with IV medication, radiation to the tumors will temporarily shrink them - hopefully, and the confusion and disorientation doesn't ever go completely away. The doctor told us to start thinking proactively about hospice. We've known from the beginning that this will be necessary eventually. I have been reading him posts from the forum, and Erol Gurcan's thread wishing him a Happy Birthday. He is appreciative and touched by the response. He's tired, doesn't usually answer his phone, doesn't want visitors, and we're just trying to keep him pain free and comfortable. Thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. By the way - his grandson is downstairs running the trains.

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I am so very sorry to hear this news; my thoughts are with both of you. May he be kept as pain free as possible. Cancer is an insidious disease. It took both my father when he was only 54 and my wife when she was just 40. Remember there is always hope and miracles do happen. Stay strong.

Dotty:  Thanks for the update, I am sure it was difficult to write that up for us.   I will keep you, Marty and your entire family in my prayers.   Hoping that they at least find a way to manage the severe pain and discomfort.  Chris A. 

Dotty, I am praying for Marty, You, and the family!  Thank you for the update which I'm sure was difficult to write.  I'm glad Marty's grandson is running the trains right now!

When I first joined this Forum, I had a problem with a MTH locomotive....Marty put up a picture of the problem area and I was able to repair it myself.....thanks to him, I’ve learned how to make this repair myself, save a lot of time, money, and aggravation.....and for that, I’m grateful!...get well Marty, and thank you Dottie for reading these to him!........prayers sent!..........Pat

I'm sure Dottie it was very hard for you and Marty to deal with this all but  always remember hope n pray you can both be strong God knows it not easy, and if there is anything I can do to help please feel free to call or write and I'll do what ever I can for you both ! I'm still praying for healing miracles and hope and pray God intervenes n cures him completely.

Your friend always and forever Alan tell Marty hang in there as best he can!

Alan Mancus 

Yes this is bad news, but there is a higher power in control of our lives. Marty has many prayers going his way, and is in good hands. He has a great support system with his family and many friends all over the country.

Dottie, God's blessings on you as Marty's caregiver and our link to our friends in need.  Prayers for you and Marty and his healers--praying for miracles.

Note:  Dottie's update on Marty's health is approx. 17 or so posts above mine.

Dotty has been keeping me (and others) informed through texts and so much of this news I already knew....and have frankly been very upset about.  Marty called me a little over a week ago and was very positive about his upcoming new chemo.  We didn't talk long because he is very weak but the time we had together on the phone was very special. 

Marty has been a close friend for years and is an ambassador for not only our hobby but for OGR!  We all are praying for the best outcome....and I can tell you that Marty has the most devoted and loving partner in Dotty....  We love them both!!


Thank you for the update. We will continue to pray for you and Marty. Stay strong. Anything is possible with the Good Lord Almighty. 

Dotty, it's difficult to read this news, I was so praying for something quite different.  I still hold out hope that Marty can turn this around.  Please give Marty my best wishes, and try to stay strong.  You know we're all pulling for him.

Dotty, I have followed Marty's solutions on the forum; when I needed some small screws for my Big Boy smoke unit, Marty sent me some immediately; will never forget his kindness; you and Marty are in my prayers.

Not as encouraging news as we have all been hoping for but but Marty is strong willed and your even stronger Dotty hang in there.

Thank you Dotty for keeping the forum informed.  It's amazing the kinship I feel with other forumites who I have never met in person.  Marty is a pillar for our hobby and so many of think of him as a friend.  Many prays for him, you, and your family


thank you for the update, certainly challenging news. Marty, you and the family are In our thoughts, and praying he can get more comfortable.

Dotty, thanks for the update. I am so sorry to hear about this unfortunate turn in events for Marty. My wife and I will continue to pray for Marty and you. 


Praying for Marty and you. As a caretaker, I know that this has really been hard on you Dottie. Just know that Marty is in God's hands and is the great physician.  Praying for the doctors, nurses, and everyone else that has contact with Marty to get him healed. We all know that you have taken great care of him. May you rest tonight and be refreshed in the morning.

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