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As many of you know, Marty and I have been friends for many years. I spoke with him last night for about an hour. He continues to undergo chemotherapy for the tumors in his lungs. As is normal with chemotherapy, he has his good and bad days. I believe he is maintaining a positive outlook through all of the treatment he has undergone to date, as he is a fighter. Importantly, Marty is happy with the way the Patriots have been playing so far this season.



 My mother was a nurse. She helped numerous patients as they underwent treatment. She never talked about what she went thru. I could tell whenever someone in her care, passed on. When she got cancer, she refused treatment. She didn't wish to go thru what she saw so many times with others.

 I can't possibly imagine how bad the treatment can be. Later on a family friend underwent treatment, recovered, and said he won't go thru that ever again.

I do see a lot of good recoveries with others.

I don't post this to be negative here. I cherish Marty for all his values. I pray for comfort for him and God's blessings. I have to try and imagine what he's going thru. It breaks my heart and sometimes I get selfish.

 Let's pray for his strength and comfort during this treatment. If your not into religion, just say something positive out loud. I look forward to his positive outcome and recovery. I can't help but feel the pain right now.

( moderator, if this is too negative or gets criticism, please delete this without waiting. I hate to elaborate, & off train topic so far. Thank you for keeping this topic & posts)

Marty, all I can do is pray! You deserve better!

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

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