Is That A Flying 0-8-0?!

Taking nerves of steel I traversed my 0-8-0 out on a mocked up area that will have a trestle and tall supply coal bunker... Looks like it flying!



Here is a over head view! Getting dizzy


Is that track bending?


It was a fun run, but for the next trip I am going to wait until the trestle is done!!!


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nickaix posted:

Heart in my throat here! That is going to be a pretty majestic trestle, but what is it supplying that it has to be so high up? Not criticizing, just curious.

Yes, at the end of the trestle and down to the street level will be Nate's King's Coal  (named after my son Nate) - supply coal bunker!

Similar to the Alaskan bunker below, however the cars will load in through the covered bunker house along the top.



TCA Number 16-71884


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Hot Water posted:

Disappointing, as I expected a nice video of an 0-8-0 flying off something onto the floor.  Maybe next time?

Stay tuned... had that happen before... 3 foot off the concrete floor and it landed on its feet with no issues.


TCA Number 16-71884


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Thank you Mark -

I am trying to do two things with this scene. Divide the layout with a trestle back drop to make the layout town look bigger as the trains pass through it, and create a "busy" scene with multiple tracks to keep the eye moving.


TCA Number 16-71884

                                         both your trestles are looking great !!!

                                               is it going to connect to this one...

                                     maybe a wooden keddie wye


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