I am fortunate to have a lot of local toy/model train enthusiast friends and we shared a lot of time together this past week.

Last Sunday I went to a train show with friends in Lindenhurst, NY, then had a nice brunch.

Monday was spent helping a friend replace a loop of Standard gauge track with Gargraves 5 rail dual standard and O gauge track.

Wednesday was our monthly train guy lunch - 11 showed up this time - and then a home layout visit.

Thursday a friend and I helped another friend (who had a traumatic brain injury years ago) get his layout up and running again.

Saturday was spent at the Allentown First Frost meet.

Sunday I had two tables at a local meet in Farmingville, NY

How have you been enjoying the season and comradery of our hobby?

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This year, I'm setting up a 5' X 16'. Postwar style layout using Fastrack along one wall of our living room. I plan to set it up Thanksgiving and take it down after New Years. I have a 4 week break at work and plan to make a LOT of ozone and finish off a few bottles of Mega Steam! I'll make sure to post photos! That's about it for train season at my house this year. I'll be away on projects most of 2020 so the big permanent layout will have to wait.

This IS the world's greatest hobby!  Formerly "Boomer" on the OGR forum 2001-2018.

Sure starting to feel like now that its getting colder. Been easing back into it as time permits.

Almost done with the outdoor chores except for those pesky leaves that keep falling off the darn trees.

Three Rails Are Better Than None 

It snowed 2" on Halloween and 3" today. I put my Thunderbird away for the winter on Saturday. Now that my car hobby is done till April it's full time train season for me, at least where leisure time is concerned. I've got a bunch of scenery projects planned for my layout this winter so I should hopefully have enough to keep me busy. 

Santa Fe, All the Way

Good evening, yes it started about a month ago.

Myself and 4 other individuals from here in the Indiana Pennsylvania has put together a fairly large modern MTH and Lionel layout in a empty store in the Indiana Mall.

Along with our layout we have 15 other layouts in different size and scales.

Attached are a couple of photo’s I took this morning when we were making the final adjustments and tweaks.

Mark Strittmatter


Indiana, PA 


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Yeah, big time!  

York, Rockville Tracker show this past weekend, NCHR Round Robin Club Party here tomorrow night, Trackers at Manassas 12/20-22, Trackers at B&O Railroad Museum 12/26-31, and SGMA at Worlds’s Greatest Hobby Show at Dulles 2/7-9.

Been a rough year all around for me, didn’t even go to York or Allentown. Did spend Sunday in the basement, cleaning my layout, some displays, and organizing the basement itself. This weekend I will set up my basement Christmas tree. Next weekend, I will bring in the train layout that supports our main tree. Always takes a solid week to put it all together. 

Can’t wait to get rolling.

Chris R.

Hammonton, NJ

Saw UP 4014 come north out of Houston.  Cold, for Houston, outside.  Exhaust turned into white cloud above the train.  Came up under the Hardy Toll Road.  The exhaust hung under the bridge.  I think Daffy would say it is twain season!

The TEXAS SPECIAL:  The REAL RED streak of the golden prairies!

It’s full throttle for me from September to about June that’s my season. Got the green light from the tower to build a layout in our once was a dinning room and the table is about done for the big layout in the garage and working on our Christmas layout under the tree. The layout will be O27 post war in the old dining room.  

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