January 2018 Amherst Train Show in Springfield MA

I have been to a bunch of train shows that were less than spectacular. So I'm having trouble believing that this show is so big? It was posted that it was hard to see everything in one day?

 We drove to a Ohio show and thought it would have stuff for sale. We found out talking to Mike Wolf from MTH that it was more of a show to show off new products for the manufacturers. It was fun and a good show overall. It was just, not what we were expecting.

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

Our 3-Rail Scale club, The Connecticut Society of Ferroequninologists and Model Railway Engineers, has been attending this show with our 32x18' modular layout   For the last 39 years--and we love every minute of it.  Wherever you live, attending this show will be worth your while!  Come see us at Column HH31 in the Better Living Center Building .


eddie g posted:

Train Nut, You could put all the O gauge & standard gauge at the Big E into  the white hall at York and it still would fill it..

You mean "wouldn't"?? 

I've been to both.  Just comparing size.  All gauges.  Layouts. Clinics.  Live steam.  Real locomotives  etc...   Has it all !

Comparing York and Springfield (Amherst):

According to the attendance figures that are made public, Springfield is better attended.
Doesn't matter. They are two different shows targeting two different populations.

I like to attend both. If I had to choose one, it would be York.

C.W. Burfle


   Just be glad you are free to attend both of these fantastic train shows, next time you see a guy like Mike G at a Trains show, thank him for his service, and for the freedom he helped provide so you can participate in this great hobby.  Without guys like Mike G there would be no Trains Shows for any of us.

It does not matter which of the shows is bigger or better, enjoy them both, if you can.  I lived in CT for a while and attended the Big E Train Show in Springfield as often as possible, I loved it.  Unfortunately I have not been to York in many many years.


Never worry about what other people think, be strong and walk in the way of the Lord.

We use to go every year...a dozen or more years in a row. It got bigger and bigger each year. It had become almost overwhelming and we found the massive crowds and parking far away and trudging through the cold to stand in a ticket line had finally become too much for us. It made the show less appealing and we eventually stopped going. Nevertheless it is THE BIG TRAIN SHOW . 

Comparing york to the Amherst show is like comparing left field to right. Kind of pointless.  

The big E is the only show I do theses days.   I don’t have to drive 7 hours (only twenty minutes) or spend hundred of dollars getting there, staying there, or getting back from there.  With several ogauge retailers there, including Mr. Muffins for the first.   I’ll have plenty of potential purchases.

Yes Eddie there’s not much post war like york but post war is not my thing.  I get to see all the clinics if I want.  Talk to the people who work at my favorite tourist lines, get updates on the goings on at steamtown and B&M 3713.  Get a calendar from the NYCRRHS, see friends I haven’t seen in awhile, talk bicycles with Steve at the Ross booth,  on an on.

and did I forget all the layouts to view?

In my opinion, the Amherst Railway Society Big-E Show has become the best and largest model railroad show in the Northeast, if not the entire US. People and vendors from Maine to New Jersey are well-represented at this show. In recent years, there also has been a noticeable increase in vendors from throughout the US. Mr. Muffin's Trains will be there this year. The Amherst show includes all scales and gauges, and offers the opportunity to see what's happening in every phase of model railroading. I've been attending since 1998 - both days almost every year - and look forward to enjoying it two weekends from now.


Amherst is without a doubt one of the best shows in the country.  However, it’s dofficult to compare it to York. In my opinion they really Serve different markets. Amherst has many, many layouts and clubs of all scales, as well as manufacturer displays and real railroads and museum booths. These tend to pull in lots of children and families, unlike York. York is mostly focused on the vendors, and those are dominantly three rail o gauge, s gauge and std gauge. Vendors at Amherst are mainly dealing in the smaller scales, anlthogh there is some large scale and o gauge/scale.  Both are impressive experiences, but how useful they are to you is dependent on your specific areas of interest.  For my friends who are into HO scale, Amherst is their favorite show and York would be a low priority.  For my friend into s gauge, York and the pre shows were a dream.  For me, I have use for both.   

Richie C. posted:

Looking for the quickest route from eastern Mass via the pike.

Exit 7, 6 or 4 ?



Whichever way Google Maps or Waze says is faster that day.

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