Just arrived

I forgot ordered this car MTH CLUB


And it's beautiful thanks MTH


Tinplate tradition yes indeed.

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   Nice looking Tin Box Car, congrats on a nice purchase.  i run both the originals and the new Lionel and the new MTH.  You an never have enough Tin!


Original Lionel Conventional 263E Engine, 12 Wheel Tender, Green Gondola and 817 Solid Red Caboose under my Brother's Christmas Tree on FasTrack.


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Jushavnfun posted:

I forgot ordered this car MTH CLUB ...

And it's beautiful thanks MTH  ...

Tinplate tradition yes indeed.

You can't beat the toylike charm of tinplate trains.  But whether it's tinplate or scale models, we're all gonna hear two common themes in the coming weeks/months... Namely (1) "I forgot I even ordered this!", and (2) "I forgot which dealer I pre-ordered such-and-such train item from... and for what price!!!".  

Time has a way of doing that to us.  


Richie C. posted:
George S posted:
terry hudon posted:

got mine on wed,,,, !IMGP1978

That's a great looking car!

and also an interesting shelf design - looks like white pegboard with metal supports and maybe 1" x 4" painted pine boards ? 

correct,pegboard mounted on furring strips,then L brackets on 1x4's work great and cost effective !

George S posted:

I just hope my dealer hasn't forgotten. My credit card has probably expired by now and he'll need to call for an update.

Let's hope he does. When that happened to me years ago, someone at Charles Ro just cancelled my order and did not even bother to contact me. Took me a long time to order from them again.


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