I had no idea K-Line made anything in large scale.  Would anyone have any experience with K-Line large scale ?


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I got one and it had the axle gears split. The axles can go in and out of gauge and it not only doesn't pull well, it derails.

NWSL sells delrin replacements but their going away soon. I fixed mine and it has run great ever since. Well,... I didn't like the lack of good detailing so....

It's now this switcher with MTH PS2 inside ( just the trucks! ).

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I wanted to add that the trucks used in the engine are made fairly well. I just hate the plastic axle gears that manufacturers use and they split when they get older. The Delrin upgrades that NWSL sells seem to be working well for me. Here's a pic inside the K-line truck, down a bit on this page:


1Thing to note is that K-line apparently made two different models of G scale trucks that have different tooth counts. The Army version was a different later model than mine, I believe?

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

  Loosing NWSL was awful news. I have a few projects I had started with future runs of their carpet drives in mind.  As things concerning the wallet are too tight now, I might be smashing some stuff to ease the frustration come next fall. I don't think anything else will work.

  Who else supplies brass gear assortments like that? That info would mean two less trains to smash or shoot.

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