I'm in the planning stages for a TT-RH scene.   I've browsed around for RH options and the smaller Korber RH looks like a good option.  I'm also planning on using the Atlas TT, but the Korber RH stall spacing looks to be less than the Atlas TT 15deg whisker track spacing.   I think I can still make it work by using some curved whisker tracks to enter the RH at the correct angle.  Has anybody else tried this?  Pictures?  I also have never built a Korber kit.  Thoughts on the build a d pictures of this structure appreciated.

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General TT and house Layout information available from Korber/Bowser/Millhouse River Studios. 

Information general layout   Korber and a 32" TT   Click on the link. 

Information general layout  Korber and a 28" TT   Click on the link.

Assembly instructions Korber 304 house.  

Minimal space requirement (approximate)   5ft. X 7 ft.   (4) stall, (pictured below).   

Have fun with your project.   Mike CT.   Layout pictures.  TT is Diamond Scale kit.   



One thing the Korber instructions don't make clear is the difficulty in adding flooring to the RH if you don't place it the recommended greatest distance from the turntable.  At the greatest distance, all of the stall tracks go into the RH, and to the back wall, in a generally straight line, making any floor cuts relatively easy.  At any shorter distances, you will have to use flex-track to maintain a roughly equal distance between stall tracks within the RH or you will find your stall tracks getting very close to the outer walls for the first and last stalls.  This makes cutting any flooring that more difficult, and trying to make the flooring actually touch the outside edge of the stall rails (covering the outside edges of the ties) becomes terribly difficult.  Just something to think about.


Here is my Korber RH. I built it over 15 years ago. The pics are from my old layout. Keep in mind, if you purchase an "older" kit, you may have problems with warped walls and parts that do not fit. Plus, the window castings were not that great. My RH door plastic castings were all warped and required a lot of work to get them straight and installed. I am sure the "newer" kits offered by Mr. Muffin are a lot better as far as quality.

BTW....my TT was a 20+ year old Bowser unit.



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Thanks for the replies.  Mike and 3Rail2 your roundhouse scenes look amazing.  Thanks for sharing your photos.

The amount of real estate it takes to create a RR-TT scene was eye opening to me when I starting planning.  I was initially looking at Atlas for both the TT and RH.  But at 15 deg stall spacing the Atlas RH is a monster.  The Korber 320 RH is smaller.  It appears to have 10 deg stall spacing, but that is not specified on the Korber website.  Below is a scale proportioned diagram of TT-RH module using the Atlas TT and the Korber 320 RH.  The module is 8 ft long and 30 in wide.  Since the Atlas TT has 15 deg spacing for the whisker tracks, the outer stall tracks need to be slightly curved (red circles) to fit in the Korber RH.  Seems to me this should work, but before I invest in this plan I was wondering if anyone else had tried such a thing?   



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