Hello friends,Have any of you ever used 1/72 scale figures and buildings on your o gauge dioramas and train layouts?I can't seem to find what I want in o gauge,but all kinds in 1/72 scale.Do you think I might be able to get away with it or would it really be too noticeable?Your expertise is respectfully appreciated and I thank you all for your time.See ya,Don P.

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I'm not sure, but I think 1/72 would be smaller, not bigger, than O Scale. If that is true, you could utilized forced perspective and put 1/72 buildings and figures in places on your layout farther away from the viewer.

I did that with HO buildings in the distance on my O Gsuge layout:IMG_2047


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What Arnold said! Forced perspective can work! For me 1/72 is too small, too much of a disparity. 1/50 I can deal with as long as I'm careful with placement! I just finished redoing a Plasticville cathedral which is more S gauge but it is going on a hill overlooking the town which works for me! That last sentence is the key! Your layout, your rules! If you like it it must be wonderful! My no.1 rule is that if anyone gets real critical without being asked for their opinion, they are encouraged to leave the train room immediately! LOL

Thanks Joe,I'm going to try a couple of 1/72 models and see for myself.And a thank you to Arnold Crabari too for his inspiring words"In my little world,I leave this troubled world behind!"That made me realize that I can put whatever I want on my layout cause it's my little world!Thanks boys!!!...see ya....Don P.


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